Leik, Wow, and Stuff

March 26th, 2007

Hello, People Who Stubbed Their Toes Over My Blog. How are you all? I’m super, thanks for asking.

It’s been awhile, eh? Thought I’d forgotten about you? Heavens no! Every time something blogable happened I’d think, “Gee, I bet my blog readers would love to know about this.” Then I’d wake up and remind myself that I don’t have any regular readers, and the entry would never get done. C’est la vie. But, to make up for my lack of posts, I have compiled a list of Things I Ought To Have Blogged About But Never Did. Enjoy.

(These are in no particular order.)

1. Gallifrey 2007 was a hoot. Colin Baker is a crazy nutter and is absolutely the person you want to have sitting next to you on a plane, in the beauty parlor, or at the DMV.

2. I’m bloody well stuck in this job and it’s choking me to death. Woe.

3. After this semester, I have four classes to complete for my master’s degree. Four!!

4. We’re buying a house. Not a dog house or a double-wide trailor, but a real, honest-to-god house, with walls and a foundation and stuff. Rather, it WILL have walls and a foundation when it’s finished, which should be around July, which incidentally is the worst time to move in Arizona. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why. We’re taking pictures of the process and I will post them to my Flickr account in due time.

5. Oh, I have a few pictures of Gallifrey 2007 that I will post to the Flickr, too.

6. When I graduate, I’m going to get a dachshund. And he will be named Colin. And that’s a Blackadder reference.

7. Doctor Who on this Saturday. Repeat after me: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

8. We went to a spring training baseball game the other night. They serve the best bratwursts and beer at Phoenix Muni stadium. EVER. Also, a side note about said game: Who knew there were so many Oakland A’s fans? Huh.

9. Life on Mars is fantastic, and I will cry bitterly if David E. Kelley’s version tarnishes the show. (He can’t clone Philip Glenister, so what’s the freaking point?)

10. Are you liking this season’s 24? I don’t know either.

11. It’s already too hot.

12. I finally got a subscription to Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio dramas. I’ve bought only a handful of them, so I kinda felt guilty. US subscribers can get the service through Alien Entertainment, which has the URL of http://www.doctorwhostore.com. These dramas, even the ones I don’t much care for, are incredibly well done and entertaining. They take the sting out of a very dull – and increasingly long – commute. According to the Big Finish gurus, the number of subscribers was halved when the new Who started, so they do need the support.

13. I am reading a fabulous book right now: The Whale Road by Robert Low. It’s about Vikings! Unfortunately it’s not available in US bookshops yet. (The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale had to specially order it. They’re awesome like that, having connections to UK booksellers.) (The copy I got is signed, too! Nifty!) When it does become available, I recommend you snatch it up, because it is terrific. Anybody who digs historical fiction will find it a treat.

14. I managed to get my hands on just about every single episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? that have ever been produced. I think I’ve watched them all three or four times, too. I know some of the skits by heart. It’s getting to be an addiction that’s very close to my MST3K one.

15. I listened to Amy Winehouse’s latest, Back in Black, this weekend. There’s an interesting mix of jazz and R&B there that’s piqued my interest. And she swears a lot.

16. Good to Great is a terrific book on management that has taught me a LOT about how to recognize the bad management here at work and how to label it. We’ve got some real losers around here running things, and even bigger losers that allow this to continue. It’s quite frustrating, but at least I feel a little more educated on what’s going on, and possibly what to do if I’m ever tagged for a leadership role.

My first bout of leadership, by the way, was pretty much a disaster, but I don’t quite think it was my fault. The lady we were trying to help got snippy at a co-worker and put up a nasty sign on her door telling us all to shove off. Nobody was motivated to do anything for her at that point, and I can’t blame them. I’d still like to smack her around for being a total fool. Office politics are important, especially when you’re in over your head and need help.

17. My grandmother did finally go home to Colorado, and I really haven’t taken the time to find out how she is. I know she had her birthday this past weekend, so happy b-day, Gramma.

I think I’ll leave it there for now. I hope to post a little more frequently. I hope. Keep the comments coming.

Happy Frickin’ New Year

January 2nd, 2007

Hey, it’s been awhile, huh? Nothing from me for a whole month! Well, I didn’t go off and die or anything, I’ve just been busy. December was quite a damn month, lemme tell ya. On top of the holiday foolishness I was busy at work and at home with Grandma. Let’s see if we can squish in a bunch of updates here, shall we?

Lessee. The concert event I worked was everything it was last year: stressful and dull, in equal parts. All of the stress of the previous weeks throwing this piece of junk together was relieved somewhat when we got there and discovered no major catastrophes. I managed to get the balloons there (no real thanks to Bubbles of Joy, who suddenly discovered they could not deliver the balloons I needed AT THE LAST MOMENT) and the signs, as was prescribed. My boss was basically useless the whole evening, hiding behind a sign and being antisocial. That’s par for the course, so no big deal. I was left alone at my table for the last half of the concert, which was a bad thing because an elderly lady came over and sat down. She talked my ear off until well after the concert was ended and I had to hand out fliers. I felt badly for her, but gah. Yes, we have another one coming next year. No, I do not plan on being here to work it.

We went and plucked Grandmother off her mountain a couple of weeks ago, and just in time. We got her out of Colorado before the big storms hit. She is not doing too terribly well with us, and was itching to go home even before Christmas came around. She prefers her isolation I guess, and I’m pretty sure she’s just not enamored with all of us. It might be too noisy and busy for her with us, considering that we watch television a lot and have tons of pets. I don’t really know where this is going. I thought she was supposed to live with us for a month or more to try things out, but my parents are now talking about driving her back this weekend. Judging by the pictures of Colorado we see on the news, I think this is highly unlikely, and extremely foolhardy. She may have to put up with us for awhile yet. I do not plan on driving with the parents to bring her home, however. I made the trip to snag her, but I don’t really relish the thought of a return. Even if they rent another car with Sirius radio, it’s not my idea of fun. Thankfully I don’t think they need me, so I’m safe.

X-mas was pleasant. My sister came home, and everyone was happy to see her. Grandma was grouchy, but that’s typical. I got some nice presents, including Bare Minerals makeup kits, which makes me a happy camper. We also received the gift of a hotel reservation in Los Angeles in February, so we will indeed be attending Gallifrey this year. I had rather dispaired of going, considering how much we have to save up for our house. I’m thrilled, and really can’t wait! It was such a nice surprise, and I love looking forward to vacations. More on that in the coming weeks.

How freaking hokey was that Rose Bowl parade yesterday? They are copying Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in copious amounts, and not its most charming aspects. That opening number with Kristen Chenoweth made me sick to my stomach, and the faux-Rockettes were horrible. And what was with that song?! Good GOD, people! The absurdity of the stealth fighters flying overhead while they chirped away about “Our Good Nature” was the highlight, though, in its irony. Did no one consider this? Then there were the stormtroopers. Look, I know George Lucas was the Grand Marshall of that mess, but what does “Star Wars” have to do with the theme of the parade? Hmm? Speak up, I can’t hear you! Nothing to say? I thought so. You thought nobody would notice, right?

The football yesterday was terrific. The Fiesta Bowl could not have been more exciting, with its peaks and valleys and funky-ass plays. That two-point conversion slayed me. (And all Sooners fans, I bet.) How did they do that?? I don’t think the BCS championship game could possibly live up to that.

Television: I am waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy behind on my viewing. I have lots of BBC-ish stuff to watch, but I haven’t gotten around to it. “Torchwood” was so gruesome last time I saw it, I haven’t had the guts (or time!) to watch any more of it. “Robin Hood” has fallen by the wayside, too. I did take the time to see “The Runaway Bride,” and I enjoyed it. It was cute and funny and a little bit heart-wrenching, too. It amazes me what they can come up with, and how much money they spend to do it.

“24” starts on January 14th! EEEEEEEEEE! I am terribly excited! The previews I’ve seen are quite awesome. Chloe’s back, and Jack looks like Man Mountain Dean. What will happen this year?? TUNE IN!

On another note, do not ever shop at the Avenue store on Southern Avenue in Mesa, Arizona. The customer service there has always been sub-standard, but it got a whole lot worse there the day after X-mas. The women there were incredibly rude, inefficient, and belligerent. I wrote an angry letter to the Avenue corporate headquarters over it, and that’s not something I do for simply poor customer service. We will see if the company makes good, but how do you make up for making someone so frustrated that she gives up her favorite store entirely? Look, I’m a large-sized woman, and finding clothes is really fucking hard as it is, so giving up this one store is a huge thing. Anyway. If you must shop at Avenue, don’t use the one store, but I’d recommend not going to Avenue AT ALL because they simply suck goat droppings when it comes to customer service.


December 1st, 2006

I have to say, my RSS reader delivers such delights. News topics that amuse/interest me today:

1. Madonna’s concert that was aired last week was beat out in ratings by about a dozen other shows, including a telenovella and William Shatner on a game show.

2. Lindsay Lohan apparently caused a kerfuffle at the GQ Man of the Year dinner, acting like an ass in front of other stars, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Biel, and Al Gore. Yes, Al is a star. Her problem? She didn’t like her former assistant being there with Biel. “They” are also reporting that Lohan’s been in AA meetings but drank lots of champagne at the dinner and got turned down cold by Leonardo. And her mother was there to witness all of this, and apparently did nothing. Hee. (I admit that I generally just roll my eyes at Lohan stories and turn the page, but something about this story just amuses me. It’s the whole package deal of a star gone wrong.)

3. Ben Roethlisberger is going to donate money to replace a police dog that got shot in his hometown. Awww. He’s good people.

4. 50 Cent called Oprah a “middle-aged white woman.” Yeah, I can see that.

5. Lots of “news” stories have popped up lately about Britney’s “exposing herself” on various occasions. Really, these headlines are showing up where NEWS is usually reported, so it’s amusing/sad that Britney’s bits are that important.

6. A granny apparently earned money to feed her bingo habit by running drugs. There is no better case study for retirement planning. Save today or become a drug runner later.

I attended a PhotoShop seminar yesterday in Phoenix. It was fairly useful. If you are looking for a workshop, SkillPath runs it, and I think you could probably do a whole lot worse. It is expensive, however, so get work to fork over for it.

The sessions were slightly skewed towards digital photography, however, due to this over-talkative dork in the first row who kept hijacking the class with his questions and comments. It seems like every class I take has one student who won’t shut the hell up!People, I understand that participating in a class is a GOOD THING, but opening your mouth more than four times in a ten-minute period, and sticking to this pattern throughout the afternoon, is grounds for a smacking. Don’t hijack the class, no matter the subject, by blithering on and on and on. And the rest of us don’t give a flying cow cookie how smart you are, or how well you know the subject already, I’m gonna launch a cellphone at your head if you keep jabbering. For the love of god, and all his disciples, SHUT IT.

For Thanksgiving, I did my own little Turkey Day Marathon to honor the old MST3K marathons on Comedy Central. I watched (practically) nothing but MST3K for about five days. A list of the shows I watched: Manos the Hands of Fate, Prince of Space, The Final Sacrifice, Squirm, Time Chasers, San Francisco International, Pod People, Boggy Creek II, Bride of the Monster, 12 To The Moon, The Day the Earth Froze, Space Mutiny, The Sinister Urge, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, The Beginning of the End, Earth Vs. The Spider, a ton of shorts, the movie, and a handful of others whose titles escape me. I’m not obsessed, why do you ask?

I Heart Geeks

November 29th, 2006

ThinkGeek.com is teh fab. They have crazy, silly things for sale that make me laugh. (Thus confirming geek status. Again.)
My favorites are the sock monkeys, the Christmas robot wrapping paper, and the USB-powered rocket launcher. Buy one today for your friends and loved ones, won’t you?

PS — My statistics final is done. Repeat after me:



November 27th, 2006

Ha, made you look!

According to the Local Blat (aka The Arizona Republic) cosmetics companies are using “bawdy” names to attract attention to their products. Leik, omg, suggestive and naughty words, oh noes. Kinda reminds me of the MAC lipstick I bought the other day, suggestively dubbed “Pervette.” It’s a wonderfully evocative name, bringing to mind a very saucy, bawdy, wenchy Smurfette filming Papa Smurf’s skinny dipping trips or something. I didn’t find out the name until after I’d got home with the stuff, so I guess the allure of being a “Pervette” didn’t enter into it.
PS — I don’t really care WHAT it’s called, but Nars’ Orgasm blush is terrific stuff.


November 26th, 2006

I went to Ulta a few months ago and bought some Rimmel makeup for a party. I flailed about the store for an hour or so before deciding on it, and the deciding factor was the little display of theirs. They’d bunched together lipsticks, lip liners, and eyeshadows that worked together, and had a little tiny flyer to help you decode which went with which. The name of this collection? “Reckless Seduction.” Basically, this “reckless” selection paired dark lips with nude eyes, or vice versa.

The other day, I came across this little flyer. I used it as a bookmark as I read “Jamaica Inn” by Daphne Du Maurier. (I recommend it, by the way, and “Frenchman’s Creek.” Quite good reads.) It occurred to me by looking at this flyer, I realized this collection is neither reckless, nor particularly seductive. Pairing nude lips with dark eyes, or vice versa, is an everyday makeup trick that should be followed, and is hardly anything new. Perhaps this what passes for reckless at Rimmel, pairing together looks that might actually look good together?

Backwards a bit: I attended the pre-reunion shindig at Salty Senorita’s, and it was as lame as an old racehorse. I’d secretly hoped one or more people would show up (other than the person I went with, I was happy to spend time with her) that I was friends with in high school that I know live in this general area. However, they didn’t show up in the two hours I was there, so I rather gave up. So much for that.

X-mas time is a good time for a few things: peppermint-scented stuff, X-mas tunes, and cosmetics sets galore. Sephora, Ulta, Gloss, and QVC seem to have an inordinate number of fabulous sets. Bare Escentuals has a faboo Natural Exotics set out with lovely eyeshadows, brushes, and a lip-plumping lipgloss. (A side word on lip plumpers: I think they’re generally useless. Most of them that I’ve tried have done absolutely nothing. Too Faced’s Lip Injection is good, but it doesn’t last very long. Anyway.) Stila’s selling a set of its lipglosses for a very nice price, and Urban Decay has a little set of tubes and shadows that is adorable. My mother bought the big Estee Lauder yearly set and it’s quite deluxe. (Lucky for me she splits the goods with me, making me feel like a cosmetics pirate. Arrrr, me hearty, unhand ye the nail varnish!) MAC has a gorgeous collection of compacts, including one that has every Viva Glam shade tucked within a red compact that is to die for. Purrrrrrrrr. Naturally, I haven’t the grisby for any of it.

I was lucky, however, to snatch a little piece of Bare Escentuals heaven from Ulta on Friday. They had a little kit as one of their doorbuster deals: sheer violet lipgloss, hot spot eyeshadow glimpse, and a blending brush in a little cosmetic bag. It was a steal for $9.99. The violet lipgloss is gorgeous, and the eyeshadow is nice, if very subtle.

A non-cosmetics-related news story: “Casino Royale” is worth the price of admission, and Daniel Craig is… well. Attractive. I’ll leave it at that. I don’t wish to delve into too many adjectives as my husband IS the site admin.

Anyway. This site now features a security feature that will hopefully cut down on the spammage around here. You don’t have to sign in anymore, which is good, but you do have to write in a little security code to prove you’re not a pernicious spammer.

High School Never Ends

November 15th, 2006

Such an odd week. Such an odd, odd week, that’s also been vaguely depressing. And the cherry on top of the sundae: 10-year high school reunion.

I’m not going to all of the reunion events. I don’t think my blood pressure could handle it. I might explode from all that socializing. And of course, I have all the usual worries: what do I wear? Can I drop 20 pounds by Friday? What the hell do I do with my hair? What should I do with my makeup? This is just a get-together at a bar, you understand. Just imagine what I’d be like if I was going to the semi-formal dance. (Whatever the frak “semi-formal” is.) I think I have the wardrobe down, and I just visited the MAC Cosmetics counter at Dillard’s, so that’s taken care of, too. Now there’s nothing to worry about, right?

Speaking of the MAC counter at Dillard’s, I have never seen such employees so thoroughly painted. They really enjoy smearing themselves in all that stuff. We read in Those Magazines that women should balance strong eye makeup with soft lips, or vice versa, but they didn’t get that memo at MAC. Wild colors, painted all over the face, are MAC’s style of choice. Of course, if you’ve ever sauntered about the MAC counter, you’d see that they have a bazillion colors of lipstick and eyeshadow, so there’s a whole lot to play with.

Speaking further of cosmetics, I despise Ulta now. They have really horrible customer service and they never seem to have what I want. So there. I really told them, didn’t I?

Back to my final papers, class presentations (oh, didn’t I mention that? Yeah, I have one of those this week, too,) and stressing out. Toodles.

A Serious WTF

November 7th, 2006

Okay, today’s the election. It’s a huge midterm election where the fate of lots of things will be decided. And what do you suppose CNN has posted on their website with a big red banner as BREAKING NEWS? Read:

“Britney Spears files for divorce from her husband Kevin Federline, citing irreconcilable differences.”

Yes, that’s right, America’s probably more interested in Britney/K-Fed than the fact there have been voting irregularities in some states today. They are obviously more interested in a celebrity break-up than the election (or un-election?) of Senators and Representatives that influence how their taxes are spent, what wars we’ll fight, and, to some extent, the lives of thousands of soldiers.

Not to be grouchy or anything, but come on! Everyone knew this was going to happen anyway, so why the big-ass red banner? Even Osama bin Laden, someone who has been holed up in some middle eastern cave somewhere, knew this was going to happen. He’s watching CNN on his satellite TV going, “I knew it! Didn’t I tell you this would happen, Ahmed? We watched that whole reality series with them and I KNEW it wouldn’t last! Pass the Doritos!”


Stuff that Interests Only Me

October 25th, 2006

Strangely, Dr. Z at SI.com hasn’t put the Cardinals in last place in his power rankings. Talk about shock and awe.

Dennis Green is still the head coach of the Cardinals, which goes to provve that not everyone that fucks up at their job gets fired. If you suck at your job, take heart!

Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, Ben had his bell rung so thoroughly last weekend that he might not play against Oakland. I guess if he’s to miss a week, a trip to Oakland is one of the best choices. Charlie Batch can handle ’em, so take your time, Benny.

I.D. bareMinerals foundation is a lovely product. Just thought I’d share.

Sephora has made a convert out of me with all of the samples I got with my order. They are so damn much fun to play with. So far, the Lorac lip plumper-gloss in Babie, the Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough replenishing cream, and the Laura Mercier metallic eye shadow cream in Platinum have all been fab. I kinda doubt I will be buying any of them, especially the cream. $45 for a nighttime cream? Eh… my wallet and my husband are groaning at the thought.

We have a new guy at work, and he might just be taking some of the stuff that’s been heaped on me. Hallelujah.

Think Up a Title, Because I Can’t

October 18th, 2006

Last night’s bowling score: I won two out of three games. W00t. I have my very own bowling ball finally, and I think that makes a difference. I was always catching my thumb on the lane balls. At the end of the night it was always pretty sore. Yay for bowling.

News bits: Interesting backlash we’re seeing about international adoptions now. I can’t quite figure out why they’re singling out Madonna for criticism when so many other celebs have adopted from developing countries. (I suspect her love of crucifying herself onstage doesn’t help any, though.) To be fair, the woman’s already got two children, and is married, so it’s not like she’s adopting something to be her lapdog. Personally, I’m all for international adoptions. If you can help out, and take a child into your home, it’s a good thing. There are too many orphans out there, and orphanages aren’t the answer. Sadly, pumping money into a poor country’s economy won’t totally fix the problem, either. We’re not all pop stars with loads of money to spend on developing nations, but adopting one child out of poverty is still a help. If I was wealthy enough, I’d adopt from a developing country. Just my two cents.

The Senate race here is quite tight! I hear it’s in a statistical dead heat. We’re quite strange here with our politics, so the Dems just might pull it off. We’re not entirely conservative, and we seem to mostly be pro-choice, and okay with homosexuals. (This is the state I’m talking about here, not the country, which on the whole is a mixed bag of granola as far as politics goes.)? Anything’s possible.

Why are we seeing so many remakes of BBC programs? I’ve heard that “Beast” and “Viva Blackpool” are the two newest shows set to be remade for US television, and this follows “The Office,” “The Mighty Boosch,” and “State of Play.” (“State of Play” might be a movie, I’m not sure. It’ll have Brad Pitt in it, at any rate.) Not to say there’s anything wrong with BBC stuff because, quite obviously, there isn’t, but don’t we have any original ideas to kick around over here in Hollywood? There has to be something. C’mon, people, this is embarrassing! If we are to adopt anything at all from Teh Beeb, can we adopt the idea of producing radio dramas? They are so much fun to listen to, and are a welcome respite from the crap we usually hear. I think we could drum up a market for this. (In my world, of course. Obviously.)

Torchwood: November 22nd. I saw a rather short and entirely gruesome clip the other day. I still don’t know what to think. John Barrowman made an adorable singing Nazi in “The Producers” but I’m not enthralled with his Captain Jack.

Universal Truths:

1. You will not have curly eyelashes without using an eyelash curler. The mascara makers lie.

2. Loose powder is your cosmetic god. Have you accepted loose powder into your life?

3. Friday never arrives quickly enough, but Sunday rides the express train.