Bite Me

Tired of people. Tired of doctors that make you wait an hour. Tired of school. Tired, tired, tired.

Explanation: Is there some sort of conservative campaign going on against PBS that I don’t know about? Seriously, I’m asking. If any random person who comes across this could tell me what the deal is, I would be very grateful. There have been a dozen or so letters and a handful of calls harrassing us about our “liberal bias.” JUST TODAY. Sure, we get those calls all the time, but all of them at once? What the blazes? The election’s been done with two weeks, people, you can’t tell me you just woke up today and said, “Today’s the rootin’-tootin’ist day EVER to call our PBS station and yell at them for showing god-forsaken Liberal Viewpoints during the election. Heaven forbid we should watch anything Liberal. Liberal, OMG our very SOULS are in PERIL. Get me the phone, Pearl, we’re gonna give them the what-for!!”

I’m going to say this once here, and probably another dozen times across time and this blog: If you don’t like what’s on the station, pick up the goddamned remote and CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

No one makes you watch what you watch. You do it all on your own.

Don’t like our bias? Try Fox News.

Is PBS even biased? I don’t know. I don’t see it, personally. I know Bill Moyers has a reputation for being left of the Left, but otherwise, I don’t know. I suspect most things are biased somehow if they’re taking a position on something. So deal.

On to the doctor’s. I had to see a new one because of insurance fun. I had to wait an hour and fifteen minutes just to see the lady. Then after twelve minutes of conversation (yes I timed it) she left for ten minutes to get my prescriptions all written out?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there was much work to be done.

I don’t mean to rag on doctors. Doctors are good. They are our friends. They fix boo-boos.

One thing concerns me, though: Every surface in this doctor’s office was covered with drug ads. A plastic container of swab-things, a calendar, pens, clipboards, informational posters, the whole works, all covered with the names of drugs and their makers.

Want something to fret over? Don’t fret over a Liberal Bias or our underwriting ads, fret over all the junk the doc’s got in the office that advertises drugs. Is your doctor prescribing that particular brand of drug because it’s the best thing for you, or because the pen she’s holding was provided by a drug rep?

So there. A worthy thing to fret and fuss over. Now quit calling and asking about Liberal Biases, ’cause sweetie, you are talking to the wrong girl.

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