“The Incredibles” and Other Subjects For Consideration

“The Incredibles” turned out to be great. I enjoyed the story and the characters were well-written. The thing I especially enjoyed was the design of it all. There was a cool retro-50s feel to the design of the buildings, furniture, and vehicles which matched the Bondesque musical score. The work Pixar has done with hair and fabric texture is phenomenal. Definitely worth seeing. With all the positive press this is getting, you didn’t particularly need me to tell you that. But this is my blog, so there you go.

Yesterday my mother and I donated several large bags of bedding, towels, and blankets to the Humane Society here in Phoenix. We also donated three large bags of dog and cat food. It felt very nice to be able to give them something because they are a very good organization. I know the puppies and kitties will enjoy a soft flannel sheet or bedspread to sit on.

We of course have a soft spot in our little hearts for the Humane Society because that’s where Stanley and Vincent came from. Cleo, my first cat, came from the same organization way back when.

On this “Saving Private Ryan” controversy: It’s hard to believe we’re now so scared of the FCC that we shelve plans to honor our veterans to avoid fines and controversy. The FCC is absolutely too powerful if this is the case. Further, I don’t think the FCC even threatened ahead of time to levy fines if stations aired the program. Stations planned to air the program as a tribute to veterans and to get us all thinking about war and sacrifice. Honestly, this year with the war going on and the increased pressure to “support the troops,” you would think this would be the one year everyone would be absolutely certain to have televised tributes in triplicate. The need to avoid a few bad words and violence outweighed the politically correct and seemingly necessary tribute to veterans, which is amazing. In the United States we seem to need to wrap ourselves up in the flag frequently, and this was one chance for ABC affiliates to do so. If the FCC’s fines are more important than a tribute, there is something seriously wrong with the world today.

The violence and profanity depicted in “Saving Private Ryan” is not, as I understand it, gratuitous. War is hell, and this film strives to show us all just how hellish it can be. I have not seen the movie, but I know that in years past the film has been aired in its entirety on broadcast television, warts, blood, and bad words intact. In fact, I believe they aired the movie for the past two years on Veterans’ Day. The fact such a thing is now entirely verboten is unacceptable. The local stations that decided not to show the film should be ashamed of themselves, including our local ABC affiliate Channel 15. “Saving Private Ryan” is not the same as a bared breast, and they should know that. They have cowed to pressure from the most close-minded among us. Will stations ever show courage again, or will they always bow to pressure, imagined or otherwise?

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