Positive Press for Pittsburgh

I don’t subscribe to Sports Illustrated. I have bought copies here and there during my life, but I can’t see myself subscribing to a publication that has that swimsuit issue every year. If women really want to be photographed in bathing suits that’s fine, I just don’t really want to pick up that issue. I have stuck to the online version, which is very nice. It’s hosted at CNN’s site.

I really like Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback”article. It reminds me for the world of my blog entries, with his numbered lists and whatnot. And, I think he knows what he’s talking about. At least, as far as I can tell. I follow football but I’m not a numbers junkie or anything.

This weeks’ MMQB is all about the Steelers, and… wow. He says some great things about the team. I’m all a-glow. This is so rare for me that one of my teams is doing THIS well and being recognized for it. I hardly know what to do.

Granted, I’ve lived through the D-backs’ World Series victory in 2001. And also a University of Arizona basketball NCAA tournament victory. Still, it feels so weird. I’m used to cheering for the losers because I don’t pick which teams to follow based on their records. I mean, honestly, if I did, would I follow the Cardinals? It’s just a nice feeling to have. It’s been a tough month or two, and it’s really refreshing to have something to cheer about. Thanks, Steelers.

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  1. Yoni Cohen Says:


    Came across your blog today. Good stuff. Agree with you on Monday Morning QB. Great writing.

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    And would gladly return the favor, adding a link from my site to yours.


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