Staring Blankly

Staring blankly. Falling asleep. Friday inertia has set in.

The rain stopped yesterday afternoon after thoroughly soaking everything for several hours. It is now cold and soggy here. Cold weather makes me want to sleep.

Everyone around here seems a little sluggish today. A co-worker suggested to me this morning that we all want to be home under warm blankets with a book. I like the book idea, but I think hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps is better.

I have caffeine and I just ate a little Halloween chocolate bar thingum. It isn’t helping. I realize those things haven’t kept me awake since junior high because I am way addicted to caffeine, so why I turn to it for a pick-me-up at this point…

This morning as I doze, my little peanut-sized brain is jam-packed with things. No one thought seems to hold dominance over any other, so as soon as I think of something, it switches to something else. I have sleep-deprivation caused ADD.

One thing I’m pondering over is all the schoolwork I have ahead of me this weekend. I have a mid-term to take, essays to write, research to do, and a boatload of reading.

I was supposed to actually take the mid-term for my computer class last night, but I made a big mistake and had a Corona with my fish tacos at dinner. (One beer and I was toast. I was a tired girl and the Corona went right to my poor little blondish head, and poof! No test for me.) I will try again, sober, on Saturday.

I have two essays to write for my early American history class, and I’m not current on the reading for that class, so it should be an interesting scramble to get it done.

An essay on bebop is due soon in my jazz class as well. Bebop, or just plain bop, is a type of jazz that came in the 1930s as a response to the commercialized big band swing music that was popular at the time. Small ensembles developed a style that was faster than swing and wasn’t based on dance styles or popular tunes. These ensembles were often formed of musicians who worked during the day in swing big bands, but came to clubs after work to play with other like-minded musicians who wanted to explore a different sound. Charlie Parker is widely credited as being the primary force behind bop, along with Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonius Monk. Bop is generally known as the style that began what we think of now as “modern” jazz.

I have a research project on Soviet science fiction due in December, but the prof is having us turn in each and every little babystep as assignments along the way. If you haven’t, I recommend reading We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. It’s a swell anti-utopian novel that pre-dates most of the big, well-known anti-utopian epics, such as 1984. (The whole people-as-numbers thing in this novel makes me wonder if Patrick McGoohan didn’t perhaps read the novel before he started writing “The Prisoner.” I can’t prove any of that, mind you, it’s just interesting to ponder.) I also recommend the film “Aelita, Queen of Mars” for a good chuckle. It is a long film and a little tiresome to watch in spots, but the constructivist sets and costumes of Mars are really very nice. And who doesn’t enjoy a spot of good old-fashioned Bolshevik propaganda? I’m also trying to read Red Star by Alexander Bogdanov for this project. It’s another Bolshevik-socialist utopian work.

I must attempt to get back to work. I have nicely wasted much time in the Blogosphere.

And I’m still sleepy.

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