Secrets of “24” Revealed!!

Okay, I lie, no secrets will be revealed. Got your attention though, didn’t I?

According to Fox’s website, season four of “24” will start in January. They will have a premiere 2-hour event after a NFL playoff game, then will show another hour’s worth the next day, Monday, at its regular time slot.

I. Can’t. Wait.


It’s raining, and I don’t mean a pleasant drizzle. Noah just floated by and asked me if I’d seen any roadrunners lately. I said I hadn’t. He shrugged and floated off. I think he was headed to downtown Tempe to sail by Starbucks for a latte. I hope that doesn’t mean the whole roadrunner population is now doomed.

They have been telling us it would rain, and I have been ignoring them. (“They” being the local weathermen, who usually don’t get things right. Damn them for finally getting it right. Gah.) So, when I got dressed this morning, I didn’t even give a thought to rain. I have no jacket and no umbrella. I’m also wearing dress shoes which will probably be ruined in the rain and will slip everywhere.

Did I mention I have to go to the station today at one for a meeting? Meeting with important people I haven’t really met before? I will show up at the meeting playing the role of the drowned idiot unless it stops soon. Gah.


I’m in awe that “The Highlander” made it past its first season. I got the DVDs for my birthday and… wow. That pilot episode was.. pretty goshdarned bad. Actually, I’m even MORE surprised the franchise didn’t die with Christopher Lambert. He was downright terrible in that pilot episode, not to mention the “Highlander” movies. I’m guessing the fact Adrian Paul has god-like good looks and the Queen-sung theme song may have had something to do with it. (“I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings! Yeah!!”) It seems to me that the producers must have come across more money to make the thing, because the production value of the later seasons is so much better.

We watched the second episode, “Family Tree,” last night, and it was only a slight bit better. Two lines from the episode that I find amusing:

Bad Guy: (after getting the shit kicked out of him by Duncan, who used awesome karate-whatever skills) Where did you learn that?

Duncan: From the people that invented it.

A Later Scene…

Duncan: Reach for that gun and I’ll make you eat it.

You go, boy. Man. Immortal. Something.


The final episode of “The Prisoner” shows on BBC America this Friday. I will be totally bummed when it’s over. It’s been a Friday night staple for a few months now. There is no better show to watch with a cosmo or martini. I think it actually makes better sense if you’re slightly inebriated.

I guess Number Six actually manages to escape The Village in this one, although I’m fighting the temptation to read a recap of the episode to find out. I am very curious to see how he manages to do it.

I’m sorry there weren’t more episodes made, but I can sure understand why. The first few seem to follow a comprehensible, reliable format: The opening title sequence, featuring Number Six’s retirement and his awesome car, plays on forever. Then you have a dastardly Number Two out to get Number Six’s secret from him. Number Two tries something outlandish and outrageous to get this secret. Usually there is a female Number who works for Number Two. Number Two fails miserably because Number Six is freaking awesome that way. Next week, we have a different Number Two because the previous Two was obviously sacked for failing to be as awesome as Number Six. Also, they used Rover (an evil bigass white bubble-thing that eats people) in the first few episodes, but I don’t remember seeing him in awhile. They should have kept these things intact I think.

It seems the writers abandoned all pretense and plunged the show into an absurdist, existentialist hell. I like it, I’m just saying I understand why audiences might not have dug that stuff. (The last episode featured Napoleon, a woman named Death, and a game of cricket, and I’m still scratching my head as to why.) Today it probably would be on HBO or Showtime and a big hit.


More TV show stuff. You would think I don’t do anything but sit in front of the Boob Tube, but I swear it’s not true. (This has been a bad week. Maybe I have been watching more than usual for comfort or something. Hmm.) Anyway. I didn’t quite understand parts of “Lost” last night. There was the whole cave vs. beach drama and the guys beating each other up, which was… odd. There was much Kate-Jack angst. (Oh just sleep together already and get it over with.) I don’t understand those Sun and Jin flashbacks. We don’t see Jin being violent towards her. Why was she trying to run away exactly? Was her conscience bothering her because her husband and father are obviously into mafia activity? Silly shows, making me think…


Vaguely TV-show related. (I am seriously not a Boob-Tuber. Am. Not.) If you are a “Mystery Science Theater 3000” fan you should check out The Film Crew’s website. It is a collaboration between Michael Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and a few others from MST3K. The haikus about the fall movies are pretty funny. Also check out their NPR appearance, it’s most amusing. Always nice to hear those guys are doing stuff. I still miss the show. Sniff.

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