Dustin’ Off The Ol’ Blog

Dang. It’s been awhile. I don’t have a good excuse, like… Cthulhu ate my keyboard, or whatever.

I feel a numbered list coming on, like a song to a blushing ingenue in a romantic comedy.

All The Shit I Meant To Blog About All Along But Didn’t Until Just This Minute

( In no particular order, by the way. I’m not that damned organized.)

1. The Debates. Sheesh, I’ve missed blogging two of them. Anyway. I think Kerry did pretty well in both. I think the consensus was that Kerry maybe tied with Bush in the second debate, but that Kerry won the third. I don’t see how they get that tied stuff. Bush got very huffy and lost his temper at one point, which made him look like a boob. The Kerry People have been seen telling everyone on TV that he won all three debates. I think you could make that claim. Bush certainly can’t. His People seem to be acknowledging he had a major case of brain meltdown for the first.

I have to say, though, there is absolutely NO REASON for Kerry to bring up Cheney’s lesbian daughter. Ever. NO EXCEPTIONS. Bad Kerry, no biscuit. Yes, yes, I KNOW he was trying to say something nice and positive about Cheney’s family and his daughter and gay people everywhere. But it wasn’t done well. It came out as awkward and weird. It was very forced and all it did in the end was give the Republicans something else to complain about instead of discussing, you know, the issues at hand. If you are at war, do you load a gun full of bullets and just hand it over to an enemy soldier?

2. The final debate– in Tempe. Hometown represent, yo!

(Right, so Pittsburgh is my hometown. I live in Tempe. I went to high school here, too. It counts. It does!!)

ASU served as a good host for the debate. It looked good on camera and I haven’t heard of any major problems. CNN et al had plenty of sign-waving Sun Devils upon which to turn their cameras.

We were all a little scared of what the road closures would do to us all. Y’see, Gammage is next to Downtown Tempe, on the ASU campus. And well… I work about 5 minutes away from it. Road closures all over the area were expected and all of ASU was to be transformed into a large parking space for media outlets. (This means no one who works and/or goes to school there can park, though.) I didn’t have any troubles, honestly. I think the Fiesta Bowl traffic was worse. And that one Monday Night Football game where San Diego and Miami played in Tempe because of bad fires near San Diego. It took me an hour or more to get home. And I live 10-15 minutes away from my workplace.

Oh, and across Tempe Town Lake from my workplace, the Kerry People held their post-debate rally. Foo Fighters came and performed. If I’d had a bud to go with, I would have gone. Foo Fighters and Democrats, oh my!

I know somebody who got to go to the debate, but I haven’t heard if she had a good time or whatever. Maybe I’ll go ask and report back.

3. I had a birthday. 27 going on 7.

I went here for my birthday dinner. I recommend it highly if you should ever visit Tempe. The food is terrific and you can’t beat their patio bar. I had a stoli martini to blog about. I suggest the halibut or the pork chop. We had a fabulous wine too, but I forget the name. I think it was a pinot gris, and it was from Oregon. The name may have started with an A. By the time the waitor had told me what it was I was already well into my fourth drink of the evening. I can’t be expected to remember these little details after my second drink.

4. Watch “Lost,” you won’t regret it. Seriously the best new show I’ve seen in awhile. The characters are interesting and the last episode blew me away.

I am not a “Desperate Housewives” fan. It’s boring and cliched and… I just don’t get what the big deal is. Someone clue me in.

(Now, a cross-over show could be good. “Lost Desperate Housewives.” That’s just good TV, y’all. )

5. The ASU-USC football debacle will not be discussed. It is the Game That Cannot Be Mentioned.

6. “CSI” last week disturbed me. The blood and guts and gore were fine, but I didn’t like the (pointless?) plotline about Catherine and her daughter. The daughter gets picked up trying to hitchike to Fremont Street, so we are witness to much drama as the single mother tries to figure out how to discipline her wayward kid. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter, from the officer who picked the kid up, to Grissom and the coroner. The overall consensus seems to be that Catherine’s just a bad mother who hasn’t been spending enough time with her daughter or just can’t discipline her. Even a mother who is accused of killing her daughter takes a dig at Catherine, saying that at least she was home once in awhile to be with her kids, unlike the CSI who works nights or days as the job commands. The plotline is ultimately left unresolved. There isn’t even a scene of mother and daughter coming to any sort of agreement, or hugging, or anything. We are left thinking that Catherine’s just a bad woman to be working outside of the home.

I thought we’d been through this already with Dan Quail and “Murphy Brown.” I imagine being a single mother would be hard enough without being talked down to by a second-rate TV drama. (I like the show, don’t get me wrong, but it ain’t a masterpiece. It’s no “Prime Suspect” or even “ER.” We can say it, it’s okay.)

In fact, I’ve seen quite a bit about working mothers on TV lately. “Dr. Phil” and “60 Minutes” have both had shows about working mothers who have decided to quit their nine-to-five gigs in favor of raising the kids at home. (No, I don’t watch “Dr. Phil” on a regular basis. I caught this topic as I was channel surfing.) Many mothers they interviewed expounded at length about how the “feminist movement” (!!) had rotted away the guts of the American family and they feel they owe it to their children to be at home during their formative years.

There is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mother. If that’s what you want, fine. We applaud you. But for goodness’ sakes, not every mother has the choice to either stay at home or go to work. Single mothers especially must work in order to pay their bills. Heck, many married women with wage-earning husbands have to work to pay bills too.

What’s with this backlash against working mothers?

7. I know I had other things to blog, but I will have to grab those topics later. I have a paper due and I’m not working on it. Oops. Bye.

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