Post-VP Debate Hoopla

So. Did you watch the debate tonight?

I don’t think you could characterize this debate as a slam-dunk for either candidate. There was no tie-breaker to be had as the last debate, when W rolled his eyes like a child being pulled around Macy’s with his mother to pick out a frilly dress for his younger sister. I think the elephant wranglers probably worked with Cheney a bit and reminded him to chill it on the non-verbal communication. Edwards was solid as we knew he would be. Lawyer training comes in handy at times like this I bet.

I’m bothered by a few things. First, I’m not sure I approve of all the fussing both sides supposedly do over the setting and rules for the debate. Is all of that for real? Did both sides have to agree on the seating arrangements, including which swiveled chairs to use? Very strange. Of course you want your fellow to feel comfortable and do well. Of course you don’t want your candidate up there on stage freaking out because he doesn’t like high-backed chairs, or that he misses his blankie and lucky pen, but wouldn’t it be better to see both guys work in adverse situations? I’m not thinking “Fear Factor” here. I don’t propose to introduce an obstacle course or James Bond-esque contraption to escape. But honestly, we all have to stand in places that haven’t been tailored to our own needs. We need to see how these guys can work in adverse conditions. Let them sit at desks meant for six-year-olds for the debate and see how they can discuss the “No Child Left Behind” legislation.

Second, there seemed to be a whole lot of ignoring the questions tonight. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I would like to see each candidate actually answer the question asked, not go back and defend himself from the other candidate’s previous spar. Just. Answer. The. Question. It bugs me that at the end of the answer we can’t trace it back to the question.

I’m bugged by Cheney’s assertion that he’d not met Edwards before he’d shaken hands with him before the debate. That has got to be bogus. Washington DC is only so big. There has to be some Senate mixer or prayer breakfast they’ve both attended. (Burnt Orange Report states they were at a prayer breakfast together at some point.) I just don’t buy it.

Cheney bugs me, period. He’s the Dark Lord of the Debate, warmongering and assering that some terrorist is on his way to a “major city” of ours and will “detonate a nuclear weapon.” (Holy shit, really?! Pack the bags, dear, we’re moving to Canada.) He makes normal pessimists look like optimists.

That’s when he’s talking about terrorism. When domestic issues are brought up, the world suddenly becomes a whole lot more Disney. In CheneyWorld no child is left behind and millions of jobs have just suddenly sprung from the ground. In CheneyWorld test scores are up and life is rosey-daisy. Seniors have healthcare, tax cuts are de rigeur, and a peace treaty between cats and dogs is well on its way. Look, that’s Bambi and Simba in the background, frolicking about and happy to be in a country where NRA people can mow them down with automatic weapons.

Not to say that he’s very eloquent on the subject. He sorta muttered his way through domestic stuff. He’s more excited about wars and guns and spending lots of tax money.

[propaganda] So. Save Bambi. Vote Kerry-Edwards. [/propaganda]

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