Monday Football Round-Up Yeehaw

I kinda forgot to write this yesterday, so… this is a very special Tuesday edition of Monday Football Round-Up Yeehaw!

It was good, it was… pretty much all good. Wow.


It was a lovely day at Heinz Field. A lovely day to trounce the Bengals.

Okay, I exaggerate slightly, there wasn’t a lot of trouncing done, but enough of a trounce to win the game. Rookie QB did very well and there was much joy in Pittsburgh.

I read a strange/funny/odd statistic online the other day. Duce Staley, the guy who seems to get most of the Steelers’ rushing yards, is worth less than Jerome Bettis, who is being given the ball only 1-4 times per game in fantasy football. So why is Bettis more valuable?
He gets the touchdown runs. All of them. I don’t think we’ve seen Duce score once. Do you think a person can stay happy with that arrangement? I know they’re supposed to be best buddies, but…

Pointless Fashion Note: The Bengals players looked like they’d just raided Tony the Tiger’s closet. Those uniforms were so not grrrrrreat. Bengals… Bengal Tigers… I get it, but… good lord…


Take a deep breath.

Take another deep breath for good measure.


The. Cardinals. Won.

No, seriously. Check out other sites if you don’t believe me. They actually beat the Saints. I couldn’t make this stuff up. I mean, I guess I could, but it would be too obvious to lie about the Cardinals winning a game.

Emmitt Smith and Josh McCown apparently did very well. No one in Phoenix knows for sure, however, since the game was blacked out around here due to low attendance…


Sun Devils win again to go to a record of 5-0! Talk of a Rose Bowl appearance is definitely going around. I think it’s a tad early for that, but it’s fun to contemplate. Going to the Rose Bowl would feel very nice after this generally rotten year of Phoenix sports. (I think they said on the news last night that if you combined the ’03-’04 records of the Coyotes, D-backs, Cardinals, and Suns, they had 2 losses for every win. OW.)

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