Thoughts on a Weekend

1. “Lost” is pretty goshdarned good. It would be even better if it wasn’t shown at the same time as “Smallville.” An oddly creepy/mysterious drama about weirdos stuck on an island or a teen-angst drama involving a superhero growing up… ah, the decisions we must make in life.

2. The Husband and I played tennis on Saturday. I don’t mean tennis in the sense that we know what we’re doing and are at the point of scoring it or anything, but rather “tennis” as in, hitting tennis balls all over Kiwanis Recreation Center. It’s good exercise, y’all, and we didn’t get all that sunburned.

3. Don’t procrastinate. I was up until 2 last night. Not only did I not get enough sleep but I don’t like the paper I wrote. Piffle.

4. Baseball season is finally over for the Diamondbacks. WHEW. We kept hoping they could be put out of their misery somehow. Between the injuries, management switches, and all-around poor play, it was a miserable experience. Randy Johnson’s perfect game was of course the exception. I hope he gets his Cy Young award, despite the fact his team couldn’t score enough points to help him out most of the time. There is always next year.

5. Baseball season is also over for the Pittsburgh Pirates. There is always next year for them, too. They will probably spend the off-season as all Pirate teams have done in recent years: hemorraging good players. Anyone who can hit, run, throw, catch, think, breathe, or chew gum will be traded to make way for less expensive minor league talents. The one consolation to this is those minor league rookie-boys will mature into pretty good players. In a year or two they will be the talented throwers, catchers, and chewers being traded away. It’s a cycle of life thing I guess.

6. Did you know Queen Latifah has done an album of jazz standards? This is seriously cool. I can’t wait to hear it.

7. Another television note… don’t bother with “Desperate Housewives.” The massive numbers of good reviews convinced me I should watch it, and I am more convinced than ever that the ABC-Disney machine paid for the good press written about this show. Seriously. I admit I like black humor-type comedies, but this one doesn’t cut it. For one thing, the black-humor elements should be… humorous? The situations with the wives are all very contrived and not at all unusual or inventive. We’ve seen these same people on other network television shows in the same predicaments. The husbands are painted with the same bastard brush which amounts to little more than man-bashing. (I’ve done a bit of that in my time, sure, but this is really a little much.) I guess it could have worked if the story lines were written better or the wives more interesting, but as it is… I was desperate for the damn thing to end.

8. Where is “24” when you need it??

9. Kerry is enjoying quite an uplift in poll numbers from the debate. While I don’t think you should put too much weight on poll numbers, it’s still nice to see. Most people really seem to think Kerry won the debate and weren’t too impressed with the President’s eye-rolling and petulant adolescent act.

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