Post-Debate Hooplah, Y’all

So. Did you watch the debate last night?

I confess I didn’t. I watched maybe 30-35 minutes of it, then The Husband and I went out to have dinner. (A night off for him is a rare and wonderful commodity.)

What I did see I guess summarized well the thrust of the thing, according to what I’m reading. (The Burnt Orange Report has some very nice commentary on the debate for those interested.) Overall, I’m hearing very good things about Kerry’s performance. He apparently even did well among undecided voters. This pleases me greatly. I was a tad worried about how it would go, but it seems he came through. I felt he was doing very well when I watched.

It was amusing, though, that the networks decided to show the candidate’s responses to each other, even though they had requested they not do that. The split-screen between the candidates while one was talking was very telling. Bush looked extremely annoyed and miffed most of the time. I wondered if he might leap across the stage and open a can of whoopass on Kerry, because he sure as hell looked like he wanted to.

In the interest of balance (cough, cough) I have decided to summarize the President’s position on Iraq. This is, of course, based just on the 30 minutes I watched, but I saw a number of questions dealing with Iraq, and this is how Bush responded to each and every one:

Prez: It’s hard work. You can’t flip-flop. It’s hard work. It’s HARD work. IT’s hard work. It’s hard WORK. What sort of mess-miss-muss-message are we-he-er-somebody sending our troops? It’s hard work. Uh. You can’t flip-flop and win the war on trrrizm. Did I mention it’s hard work? I’ve seen it on TV, you know. It’s hard work. Uh. War on Trrrizm! Spooky-boo!

So I might have exaggerated a bit.

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