Well That Sucked

I would be remiss if I went to bed without commenting on tonight’s “CSI: Miami” season premiere.

Warning: Spoiler ahead, for those who haven’t watched the episode yet.


Yes, we all knew someone was going to die in this episode. We all knew it wasn’t going to be David Caruso’s character. (He has many, many more pseudo-heroic-pose shots to come in future episodes.)

But… Speadle??

Not only was he shot and killed, but he died because he was looking at his gun in the middle of a gun battle. The gun malfunctioned, and they determined the malfunction most likely occurred because he hadn’t properly maintained the gun. They even mentioned a past incident when he had fired his gun and it had malfunctioned.

I liked that character! I know he was a little on the stiff side (He was A stiff tonight, wah!!!) and a little stoic-ish, but geez, he was still quite likeable. (Remeber last season when he was a Big Spiffy HeroMan and stood up for the honor of that porn star? See, he’s a good guy!) If they were going to kill him off, why did they have to have the gun malfunction? He died, and it was partially his own damn fault. He died because he was careless. It definitely takes something out of the death to think he was a dummy and didn’t clean his gun properly.

(I totally started to cry during the funeral scene. Yerf, such a sap. Damn them.)

Oh well. We have two other “CSI” series premieres this week to help soothe the pain. (Seems a bit much, and I wish I could say I would boycott one or more of them out of principle. You know I’ll be right there for it. I’m so predictable you could set an almanac to me.)

Why? WHY??

(It’s pointless to rant about this sort of thing but it’s therapeutic.)

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