Monday Football Round-Up Yeehaw

It’s a mixed bag this week, so… let’s start with the bad.


Aiieeee. It really pays to stock up on antacids if you’re a Steeler fan. And booze. And comfort food.

The Steelers lost to the Ravens, 30-13. The Ravens were able to have way too much luck with their rushing game, and… it wasn’t pretty. Maddox et al couldn’t seem to get their groove on. The Ravens must have had some home game good luck juju going on or something. (They may have been pissed that we’ve beaten then 6 out of the last 7 times we played them in Baltimore. Hmm.)

Injuries made a big impact on the game. Tommy Maddox went down with some sort of tendon strain/tear/something season-threatening on his throwing arm. The Steelers website says he’s out 6 weeks at least. (Let the panicking commence.) There was another player badly hurt on the Steelers, but I can’t find any mention of him anywhere. (Walton, I think his name was…?) He went down with something not happy and was carted off. Hmm. I hope he’s okay, whoever he is. The Ravens lost Todd Heap, a former Sun Devil, to something not very happy either. (I didn’t look up his injury but it’s ankle-related. Ankles aren’t supposed to bend that way.)

Ben Roethlisberger played the rest of the game, and played admirably. He was able to stack up 2 touchdowns and make it a game again. All hail the Rookie. May he not get stomped on by some linebacker and leave us with another injured guy on the sidelines with his arm in a sling…


Quote, thanks to

“We are not meeting our goals defensively,” said [Head Coach Dennis] Green. “You set up your game goals and usually when you reach those you would have probably had a win somewhere along the line. We are getting turnovers and normally if you can convert offensively, you can usually win. That is the other rub, we are not converting very many at all offensively. That is where our focus is going to have to be.”

In other words, they have to score some goddamned points, and getting those points off turnovers would be a nice thing to do. Gotcha.

The Cardinals lost to the Patriots 23-12. I didn’t get a chance to watch the game, so no sparkling color commentary. From what I could tell from the post-game blither it’s basically the same deal with them that it has been for the past upteen years. Siiiigh.


Sun Devils splatted the Iowa Hawkeyes, 44-7! It was a huge, huge game. It was sold out and made everyone feel very nice indeed. (The spectators enjoyed it plenty after the 45-minute delay for lightning. I’m sure absolutely everyone got drenched, because… I was trying to drive home just before the game started and it was flood city. Can you spare me an arc, buddy?) ASU may even get a national ranking out of this. Woo.

Steelers at Dolphins… featuring The Rookie and Friends finding their groove-thang?
Cardinals at Falcons… a change of scenery for another loss?
ASU at home against Oregon State… another rousing home victory without Tsunami Tempe?

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