Whoa. I Mean, WHOA.

Is anyone out there watching “Nip/Tuck” on F/X? I watched some of the first season, but haven’t had the opportunity to watch any this year because we are sans cable. I happened to be over at my parents’ house last night so I watched it with them.

I would like to begin this critique with an editorial note: I am not easily offended or shocked by stuff I see on TV. Blood, guts, gore, nudie parts, no big deal. I don’t look away when the do the gross stuff on “CSI.”

With that in mind… Oh. My. God. The episode last night was… whoa. It’s the first thing I’ve ever seen that I can honestly say I wasn’t old enough to watch. In one hour, we saw storylines revolving around drug abuse (both pills and inhalants,) illegal back-parlor plastic surgery, a psycho girl who wanted to look like J Lo, murder, mutilation, self-mutilation, bribery of a school official, and incest.

That’s in ONE HOUR of television.

I need to shower again and watch something mind-numbingly wholesome, like “Barney” or “Veggie Tales.”

… Ican’twaitfornextweek’sepisode.

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