Fun With Words

This was “compassion” night at the Republican National Committee. Nothing says “compassion” like Ahnold, who starred in such family-friendly fare as The Terminator, Total Recall, Predator… Yes, he was Kindergarten Cop too but I do recall some fisticuffs in that one. Tsk.

I admit freely I didn’t watch Ahnold’s speech. I saw he was on nearly every channel so I put on a “Mystery Science Theater 3000” DVD. I caught a few sound bites on the local news and it looks like he couldn’t keep himself from using cheesy references to his movies. Again. Like John McCain, Ahnold still needs some work on the comedy. “Girlie men” and “terminating” something is so stale you could put it on the bargain bread shelf.


We know how the Repubs love to play the word game, so I thought I might look into the true meaning of “compassionate.” If Ahnold, Laura, the Bush Twins et al are compassionate, just what does that mean? To me, “compassionate” sounds awfully close to “sensitive,” and we all know how much trouble the Dems got into when Kerry used THAT word. I looked up a few synonyms of “compassionate” to give us all a definition of the word to chew over:

“all heart, be big, benevolent, bleeding heart…”

Whoa, wait, back that sucker up.


Holy cow.

REPUBLICANS ARE LIBERALS. They always tack that “bleeding heart” stuff to “liberals,” don’t they? I for one am shocked. Shocked!

Discuss. I’m out, yo.

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