The house now has walls. Outside walls, rather. And those walls are covered in chicken wire, which I guess is meant to keep the stucco in place. In other words, it’s looking like a house, which means we’re getting closer to close, which means more stress. Urk.

“Hot Fuzz”: Fantastic movie. FANTASTIC. It’s really the best film I’ve seen in a very long time, and I really enjoyed myself. It’s a wonderful pastiche of action/cop films and just one terrific idea after another. All I have to say to you is, “SWAN!!!”

I caught a bit of plagiarism in the local paper. It was in a bar review, but still, that’s pretty crappy. People get kicked out of school for that kind of thing. I wrote the paper an e-mail telling them about it. I guess we’ll see how that goes over.

I hate group projects. I think the people in my group hate working with me, too. See, the night I went and played hooky was the night the class divided up into groups. Since I wasn’t there I had to scramble and ask to join a group. (Thankfully I didn’t have to come out and ASK because the nice lady asked me first if I had a group, and when I said no, she adopted me into hers. Bless her heart. I think.) We’re working on a subject I know nothing about. We’re meeting today and I still need to think up a treat to take. Cookies, maybe? Hmm. Anyway, yeah, group projects are hell. I don’t like the people I’m working with and I hate the subject and… bleck.

Still looking for a job. I’ve gotten two calls from resumes I sent, and I had one phone interview. I hope something comes of this. The more I stay at work the more I want to get away. 🙁

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