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Hello, People Who Stubbed Their Toes Over My Blog. How are you all? I’m super, thanks for asking.

It’s been awhile, eh? Thought I’d forgotten about you? Heavens no! Every time something blogable happened I’d think, “Gee, I bet my blog readers would love to know about this.” Then I’d wake up and remind myself that I don’t have any regular readers, and the entry would never get done. C’est la vie. But, to make up for my lack of posts, I have compiled a list of Things I Ought To Have Blogged About But Never Did. Enjoy.

(These are in no particular order.)

1. Gallifrey 2007 was a hoot. Colin Baker is a crazy nutter and is absolutely the person you want to have sitting next to you on a plane, in the beauty parlor, or at the DMV.

2. I’m bloody well stuck in this job and it’s choking me to death. Woe.

3. After this semester, I have four classes to complete for my master’s degree. Four!!

4. We’re buying a house. Not a dog house or a double-wide trailor, but a real, honest-to-god house, with walls and a foundation and stuff. Rather, it WILL have walls and a foundation when it’s finished, which should be around July, which incidentally is the worst time to move in Arizona. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why. We’re taking pictures of the process and I will post them to my Flickr account in due time.

5. Oh, I have a few pictures of Gallifrey 2007 that I will post to the Flickr, too.

6. When I graduate, I’m going to get a dachshund. And he will be named Colin. And that’s a Blackadder reference.

7. Doctor Who on this Saturday. Repeat after me: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

8. We went to a spring training baseball game the other night. They serve the best bratwursts and beer at Phoenix Muni stadium. EVER. Also, a side note about said game: Who knew there were so many Oakland A’s fans? Huh.

9. Life on Mars is fantastic, and I will cry bitterly if David E. Kelley’s version tarnishes the show. (He can’t clone Philip Glenister, so what’s the freaking point?)

10. Are you liking this season’s 24? I don’t know either.

11. It’s already too hot.

12. I finally got a subscription to Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio dramas. I’ve bought only a handful of them, so I kinda felt guilty. US subscribers can get the service through Alien Entertainment, which has the URL of http://www.doctorwhostore.com. These dramas, even the ones I don’t much care for, are incredibly well done and entertaining. They take the sting out of a very dull – and increasingly long – commute. According to the Big Finish gurus, the number of subscribers was halved when the new Who started, so they do need the support.

13. I am reading a fabulous book right now: The Whale Road by Robert Low. It’s about Vikings! Unfortunately it’s not available in US bookshops yet. (The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale had to specially order it. They’re awesome like that, having connections to UK booksellers.) (The copy I got is signed, too! Nifty!) When it does become available, I recommend you snatch it up, because it is terrific. Anybody who digs historical fiction will find it a treat.

14. I managed to get my hands on just about every single episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? that have ever been produced. I think I’ve watched them all three or four times, too. I know some of the skits by heart. It’s getting to be an addiction that’s very close to my MST3K one.

15. I listened to Amy Winehouse’s latest, Back in Black, this weekend. There’s an interesting mix of jazz and R&B there that’s piqued my interest. And she swears a lot.

16. Good to Great is a terrific book on management that has taught me a LOT about how to recognize the bad management here at work and how to label it. We’ve got some real losers around here running things, and even bigger losers that allow this to continue. It’s quite frustrating, but at least I feel a little more educated on what’s going on, and possibly what to do if I’m ever tagged for a leadership role.

My first bout of leadership, by the way, was pretty much a disaster, but I don’t quite think it was my fault. The lady we were trying to help got snippy at a co-worker and put up a nasty sign on her door telling us all to shove off. Nobody was motivated to do anything for her at that point, and I can’t blame them. I’d still like to smack her around for being a total fool. Office politics are important, especially when you’re in over your head and need help.

17. My grandmother did finally go home to Colorado, and I really haven’t taken the time to find out how she is. I know she had her birthday this past weekend, so happy b-day, Gramma.

I think I’ll leave it there for now. I hope to post a little more frequently. I hope. Keep the comments coming.

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