Happy Frickin’ New Year

Hey, it’s been awhile, huh? Nothing from me for a whole month! Well, I didn’t go off and die or anything, I’ve just been busy. December was quite a damn month, lemme tell ya. On top of the holiday foolishness I was busy at work and at home with Grandma. Let’s see if we can squish in a bunch of updates here, shall we?

Lessee. The concert event I worked was everything it was last year: stressful and dull, in equal parts. All of the stress of the previous weeks throwing this piece of junk together was relieved somewhat when we got there and discovered no major catastrophes. I managed to get the balloons there (no real thanks to Bubbles of Joy, who suddenly discovered they could not deliver the balloons I needed AT THE LAST MOMENT) and the signs, as was prescribed. My boss was basically useless the whole evening, hiding behind a sign and being antisocial. That’s par for the course, so no big deal. I was left alone at my table for the last half of the concert, which was a bad thing because an elderly lady came over and sat down. She talked my ear off until well after the concert was ended and I had to hand out fliers. I felt badly for her, but gah. Yes, we have another one coming next year. No, I do not plan on being here to work it.

We went and plucked Grandmother off her mountain a couple of weeks ago, and just in time. We got her out of Colorado before the big storms hit. She is not doing too terribly well with us, and was itching to go home even before Christmas came around. She prefers her isolation I guess, and I’m pretty sure she’s just not enamored with all of us. It might be too noisy and busy for her with us, considering that we watch television a lot and have tons of pets. I don’t really know where this is going. I thought she was supposed to live with us for a month or more to try things out, but my parents are now talking about driving her back this weekend. Judging by the pictures of Colorado we see on the news, I think this is highly unlikely, and extremely foolhardy. She may have to put up with us for awhile yet. I do not plan on driving with the parents to bring her home, however. I made the trip to snag her, but I don’t really relish the thought of a return. Even if they rent another car with Sirius radio, it’s not my idea of fun. Thankfully I don’t think they need me, so I’m safe.

X-mas was pleasant. My sister came home, and everyone was happy to see her. Grandma was grouchy, but that’s typical. I got some nice presents, including Bare Minerals makeup kits, which makes me a happy camper. We also received the gift of a hotel reservation in Los Angeles in February, so we will indeed be attending Gallifrey this year. I had rather dispaired of going, considering how much we have to save up for our house. I’m thrilled, and really can’t wait! It was such a nice surprise, and I love looking forward to vacations. More on that in the coming weeks.

How freaking hokey was that Rose Bowl parade yesterday? They are copying Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in copious amounts, and not its most charming aspects. That opening number with Kristen Chenoweth made me sick to my stomach, and the faux-Rockettes were horrible. And what was with that song?! Good GOD, people! The absurdity of the stealth fighters flying overhead while they chirped away about “Our Good Nature” was the highlight, though, in its irony. Did no one consider this? Then there were the stormtroopers. Look, I know George Lucas was the Grand Marshall of that mess, but what does “Star Wars” have to do with the theme of the parade? Hmm? Speak up, I can’t hear you! Nothing to say? I thought so. You thought nobody would notice, right?

The football yesterday was terrific. The Fiesta Bowl could not have been more exciting, with its peaks and valleys and funky-ass plays. That two-point conversion slayed me. (And all Sooners fans, I bet.) How did they do that?? I don’t think the BCS championship game could possibly live up to that.

Television: I am waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy behind on my viewing. I have lots of BBC-ish stuff to watch, but I haven’t gotten around to it. “Torchwood” was so gruesome last time I saw it, I haven’t had the guts (or time!) to watch any more of it. “Robin Hood” has fallen by the wayside, too. I did take the time to see “The Runaway Bride,” and I enjoyed it. It was cute and funny and a little bit heart-wrenching, too. It amazes me what they can come up with, and how much money they spend to do it.

“24” starts on January 14th! EEEEEEEEEE! I am terribly excited! The previews I’ve seen are quite awesome. Chloe’s back, and Jack looks like Man Mountain Dean. What will happen this year?? TUNE IN!

On another note, do not ever shop at the Avenue store on Southern Avenue in Mesa, Arizona. The customer service there has always been sub-standard, but it got a whole lot worse there the day after X-mas. The women there were incredibly rude, inefficient, and belligerent. I wrote an angry letter to the Avenue corporate headquarters over it, and that’s not something I do for simply poor customer service. We will see if the company makes good, but how do you make up for making someone so frustrated that she gives up her favorite store entirely? Look, I’m a large-sized woman, and finding clothes is really fucking hard as it is, so giving up this one store is a huge thing. Anyway. If you must shop at Avenue, don’t use the one store, but I’d recommend not going to Avenue AT ALL because they simply suck goat droppings when it comes to customer service.

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