I went to Ulta a few months ago and bought some Rimmel makeup for a party. I flailed about the store for an hour or so before deciding on it, and the deciding factor was the little display of theirs. They’d bunched together lipsticks, lip liners, and eyeshadows that worked together, and had a little tiny flyer to help you decode which went with which. The name of this collection? “Reckless Seduction.” Basically, this “reckless” selection paired dark lips with nude eyes, or vice versa.

The other day, I came across this little flyer. I used it as a bookmark as I read “Jamaica Inn” by Daphne Du Maurier. (I recommend it, by the way, and “Frenchman’s Creek.” Quite good reads.) It occurred to me by looking at this flyer, I realized this collection is neither reckless, nor particularly seductive. Pairing nude lips with dark eyes, or vice versa, is an everyday makeup trick that should be followed, and is hardly anything new. Perhaps this what passes for reckless at Rimmel, pairing together looks that might actually look good together?

Backwards a bit: I attended the pre-reunion shindig at Salty Senorita’s, and it was as lame as an old racehorse. I’d secretly hoped one or more people would show up (other than the person I went with, I was happy to spend time with her) that I was friends with in high school that I know live in this general area. However, they didn’t show up in the two hours I was there, so I rather gave up. So much for that.

X-mas time is a good time for a few things: peppermint-scented stuff, X-mas tunes, and cosmetics sets galore. Sephora, Ulta, Gloss, and QVC seem to have an inordinate number of fabulous sets. Bare Escentuals has a faboo Natural Exotics set out with lovely eyeshadows, brushes, and a lip-plumping lipgloss. (A side word on lip plumpers: I think they’re generally useless. Most of them that I’ve tried have done absolutely nothing. Too Faced’s Lip Injection is good, but it doesn’t last very long. Anyway.) Stila’s selling a set of its lipglosses for a very nice price, and Urban Decay has a little set of tubes and shadows that is adorable. My mother bought the big Estee Lauder yearly set and it’s quite deluxe. (Lucky for me she splits the goods with me, making me feel like a cosmetics pirate. Arrrr, me hearty, unhand ye the nail varnish!) MAC has a gorgeous collection of compacts, including one that has every Viva Glam shade tucked within a red compact that is to die for. Purrrrrrrrr. Naturally, I haven’t the grisby for any of it.

I was lucky, however, to snatch a little piece of Bare Escentuals heaven from Ulta on Friday. They had a little kit as one of their doorbuster deals: sheer violet lipgloss, hot spot eyeshadow glimpse, and a blending brush in a little cosmetic bag. It was a steal for $9.99. The violet lipgloss is gorgeous, and the eyeshadow is nice, if very subtle.

A non-cosmetics-related news story: “Casino Royale” is worth the price of admission, and Daniel Craig is… well. Attractive. I’ll leave it at that. I don’t wish to delve into too many adjectives as my husband IS the site admin.

Anyway. This site now features a security feature that will hopefully cut down on the spammage around here. You don’t have to sign in anymore, which is good, but you do have to write in a little security code to prove you’re not a pernicious spammer.

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