Think Up a Title, Because I Can’t

Last night’s bowling score: I won two out of three games. W00t. I have my very own bowling ball finally, and I think that makes a difference. I was always catching my thumb on the lane balls. At the end of the night it was always pretty sore. Yay for bowling.

News bits: Interesting backlash we’re seeing about international adoptions now. I can’t quite figure out why they’re singling out Madonna for criticism when so many other celebs have adopted from developing countries. (I suspect her love of crucifying herself onstage doesn’t help any, though.) To be fair, the woman’s already got two children, and is married, so it’s not like she’s adopting something to be her lapdog. Personally, I’m all for international adoptions. If you can help out, and take a child into your home, it’s a good thing. There are too many orphans out there, and orphanages aren’t the answer. Sadly, pumping money into a poor country’s economy won’t totally fix the problem, either. We’re not all pop stars with loads of money to spend on developing nations, but adopting one child out of poverty is still a help. If I was wealthy enough, I’d adopt from a developing country. Just my two cents.

The Senate race here is quite tight! I hear it’s in a statistical dead heat. We’re quite strange here with our politics, so the Dems just might pull it off. We’re not entirely conservative, and we seem to mostly be pro-choice, and okay with homosexuals. (This is the state I’m talking about here, not the country, which on the whole is a mixed bag of granola as far as politics goes.)? Anything’s possible.

Why are we seeing so many remakes of BBC programs? I’ve heard that “Beast” and “Viva Blackpool” are the two newest shows set to be remade for US television, and this follows “The Office,” “The Mighty Boosch,” and “State of Play.” (“State of Play” might be a movie, I’m not sure. It’ll have Brad Pitt in it, at any rate.) Not to say there’s anything wrong with BBC stuff because, quite obviously, there isn’t, but don’t we have any original ideas to kick around over here in Hollywood? There has to be something. C’mon, people, this is embarrassing! If we are to adopt anything at all from Teh Beeb, can we adopt the idea of producing radio dramas? They are so much fun to listen to, and are a welcome respite from the crap we usually hear. I think we could drum up a market for this. (In my world, of course. Obviously.)

Torchwood: November 22nd. I saw a rather short and entirely gruesome clip the other day. I still don’t know what to think. John Barrowman made an adorable singing Nazi in “The Producers” but I’m not enthralled with his Captain Jack.

Universal Truths:

1. You will not have curly eyelashes without using an eyelash curler. The mascara makers lie.

2. Loose powder is your cosmetic god. Have you accepted loose powder into your life?

3. Friday never arrives quickly enough, but Sunday rides the express train.

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