And You Thought Things Were Bad Before…

The most insightful comment during last night’s Monday Night Football team was that the Cardinals can’t win. It’s absolutely 100% accurate. After tossing in a few big-shot millionaires this season, the Cardinals stink more than they have in previous seasons — and that’s saying quite a bit.

How can they recover from last night’s game? Everything looked so rosy at halftime, with a lovely 20-point lead. Then they let it slip through their fingers on wild, crazy-ass plays. Then Neil Rackers, who is usually quite dependable, missed a field goal at the end. Apparently Dennis Green went wacko afterwards, and with good reason: his team is terrible, and he is looking like the worst coach to ever don a headset. Further, all of the GOOD things the team did last night look like flukes, just mistakes made by the better team. The real Cardinals showed up to play the second half of the game, and just profited by Bears mistakes in the first.

Did I mention all of this played out in front of a national audience? In hi-def? In their brand new stadium that they sulked, pouted, and fought for?

I suspect heads are rolling over there in Glendale.

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