So. Peeved.

I think there are some things in life we can’t stand to be criticized for. Perhaps you’re particular about your hair, or your eating habits. For me, I think it has to be the Britcoms newsletter I write every month. The August issue is supposed to go out this week, but before it can go out, it has to run the gauntlet of some rather unpleasant co-workers. This one guy in particular is quite a bastard about things, and he has a lot of power to back up all his? churlishness, so nobody calls him on it. He is allowed to make all our lives fucking miserable. Well, he has done a bang-up job of it today. I am fit to be tied. So what if the newsletter’s kinda long? I think people will read it if they are really into the subject. And why does he ALWAYS ASK who edits my copy??? Like I’m an inexperienced toddler with a box of matches that desperately needs to be supervised before I burn down the building…

Yeah. Not happy.

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