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Been awhile, eh? Busy, busy, busy.

It’s football season! Hurrah! What have we seen so far? The Cardinals are exceedingly proud of their new nest in Glendale, and I’m happy for them, but all that Sun Devil Stadium-bashing during the talkfest that was the first preseason game upset me. The CEO of the team was complaining because they had to walk far to get to the field from their locker room. Far be it that these pampered millionaires have to walk two feet too far… I’d like them to come try to park at ASU and walk to work or school, see how they like that. Honestly, guys, it makes you look like a bunch of ungrateful wretches. The stadium is sucking up a bunch of public funds, so don’t diss one of the valley’s biggest employers. I won’t get into the whole “that money could be used for something better than a stadium” argument, because it certainly COULD have, but it wasn’t, and having a nice new stadium just might be a good opportunity for jobs and events. We’ll see.

Speaking of ASU, we have ourselves a rather unhappy little QB situation. The Keller-Carpenter controversy sounds like it wasn’t handled very well by the coach, Koetter, and we may end up losing one of the QBs as a result. On Friday he names the senior Keller to the position… but then changes his mind and picks the sophomore Carpenter. Huh? There was a team meeting, apparently, which may have factored into this decision, but why did Koetter change his mind? He looks weak and indecisive over this, which doesn’t bode well for him or the team. (I don’t have a favorable opinion of him anyway. Too many strange criminal situations with his players have come up. It’s like he picks the miscreants on purpose, and then turns his back from the responsibility of keeping them in line.)

School starts again tonight. Hoo-ray. It doesn’t look like it will be a terrible burden, but I am absolutely dying to get this degree finished. No matter how I seem to slice it, though, it looks like December 2007’s going to be my graduation date. Doesn’t that seem so far away? I am a little concerned about the degree, however, because a co-worker of mine with the degree hasn’t been able to get the job he wanted. Granted, he did just get a promotion this week at our little workplace heaven, but still, he wanted to get out of here, and he wasn’t able to. Please don’t tell me that the MPA is a useless degree! I have a BA in History, I don’t need another useless degree!!

Interesting Doctor Who tidbit: Russell T. Davies says there was a spin-off in the works starring Rose Tyler, and it has been scrapped. As much as I will miss her, I’m glad this was squashed. There’s already one spin-off in the works, and I’m not sure I like the idea of watching her live her exciting little life without the Doctor. Dunno. Wouldn’t there always be this wish for the Doctor to do a cross-over appearance?

Live long and prosper, and all that. I have to get back to work.

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