Today’s MSN horoscope:

You won’t rest until you’ve settled all the trivial little matters undermining your peace of mind today, dear Libra. Pay those overdue bills and tend to whatever administrative formalities are necessary. In addition, you need to take care of some nagging health concerns. If you can manage that, then you will feel light and cheerful once again!

Perceptive for once. I am going quite nuts over the minutae of real estate this morning. A deal we thought was possible no longer is, but we can do this other deal, but it won’t be pleasant, and… Stop this train, I wanna get off.
PS– Note to the dumbasses who keep spamming comments on this site: Fuck off. Please advertise your strange lesbian kissing bondage porno sites somewhere else. It’s not that I think porno is morally reprehensible or something, I just hate the mess. So seriously, trot off, it’s annoying.

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