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So. I might want to clarify an earlier post of mine.

I indicated that I disapproved of a condo conversion of an old apartment of ours. It’s a hole, and making someone buy it won’t change that. My complaint was specific to that particular apartment building, and to all nasty holes-in-the-wall that are undergoing conversion.

So, what happened last weekend? We went and signed a contract to buy… a condo. A condo that was formerly an apartment. It’s very nice. I hope we’re not buying one of those potential lemons, but I kinda think we’re not. The grounds are nicer, and the unrefurbished rooms are nicer, than any apartment I’ve lived in.

This isn’t a done deal. We have to somehow wangle finances, and that is by no means a done deal. We have, in essence, finished the fun and easy portions of this transaction. We now go to the more hellish processes involved with real estate which seem to be mortgage wrangling and the closing.

Stay tuned.

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