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So. Had a bit of a long weekend. It was quite nice, really. I got quite a bit of sleep and did some diverting-fun stuff, too.

Made a rather strange discovery on Friday. Our local Best Buy had the Doctor Who first series on DVD out for sale. This would be the first series DVD set that’s not set to be sold in the US until July 4th. Quandry, eh? So yeah, I totally bought it. And squeed quite a bit. Strangely, I haven’t opened the thing yet. I have been lusting after this set forever, and now that I have it… yeah. It’s on my shelf getting stared at and worshipped. P’raps I’ll save it until after this season is over with. (An end that is rapidly approaching. Wah.)

Wish me luck on Monday morning. The first day back from a long absence from work is always the worst.

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