Huh? Horoscope Interpretation

Hmm. My Libra horoscope doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Today you might find yourself strategizing ways to make a little extra money to prepare to really move ahead with your life and with your ambitions. This might be in conjunction with your significant other, dear Libra, or with some close friends. Trips through the shopping mall might result in impulse purchases, perhaps as gifts, perhaps for yourself.

Okay, it theorizes that I might be thinking up ways of making extra money for myself. I got that. But then it goes on about impulse purchases at the mall. Is it telling me to go to the mall and spend carelessly, even though I’m obviously worried about finances? Or is it warning me against making a post-work trip to the mall because I will spend if I go?

Horoscope writers, if you want us dopey minions to take your horoscopes seriously, try not to write seemingly off-setting goals that require interpretation. My brain hurts.

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