Lost Reactions


Yeah. Okay. I am really hoping those silly fiends at Lost know what the hell they’re doing, because… damn, that was a batshit left turn out of hell. Dante’s down there somewhere going whooooooaaaaaa.

Also: Was that not the MOST VIOLENT NIGHT OF TV EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ABC? We have two Losters down, then a nasty car crash death for a minor character in Invasion. And this is a DISNEY COMPANY. I’m not anti-violence in my TV shows (every week I ask 24 to have my violence upsized) but this night just seemed particularly bad somehow. Just saying.

I blame sweeps month.


Lost‘s little viral internet ad campaign seems to be up and going now. That Hanso Foundation ad during the show was a clue, and one I didn’t pick up on immediately. (I knew the ad seemed off somehow, but din’t realize the import of it until I saw it on a blog later. That’s what the internet’s for, besides porn: Lost clues.) If you check out the Hanso website (http://www.thehansofoundation.org) there are little Easter eggs in there that do stuff. Sign up for the newsletter. (You’ll need a password. Try “breaking strain.” Apparently somebody got that password off a phone number that was posted. I tried to call it and it didn’t work.) Anyway, some hinky, creepy stuff happens. Also, send Joop a memo for another dose of the creepies.

A little talk about shameless plugs: Russell T Davies is beating us over the head with a completely unsubtle stick about Torchwood, a plug that’s getting progressively more annoying as time goes by. (Dear Russell: Enough already. We get it. We got it a long time ago. We will all check out your bisexual hero worship spin-off when it airs, so chill out.) Then there’s Lost tonight, with Sawyer not subtly reading Bad Twin, a book that’s supposedly by an author who submitted it to his publisher before getting on the doomed Oceanic flight 815. So, yeah, there’s a real book that’s out now, supposedly by this author. It hit shelves yesterday. This seems about as shameless as it could possibly get, and yet I am devastatingly curious. If the book offers some sort of real insight it will be a bit of fun, yeah? No harm in chasing these dopey clues about, assuming they go somewhere. (Unlike that whole AI game, which looked to me to be a bit of a mess. I tried to follow that crap for awhile, and it was very chaotic. Once you got past the first two-three steps, it dissolved into a quagmire of email spammage by confused/enlightened players writing up bizarre math puzzles and science facts. Messy, and ultimately annoying.) Unfortunately you have to shell out the bucks to read the damn thing, or download the audiobook from iTunes. I am torn between a certain scorn over a completely shameless moneymaking bid and a burning desire to know what the hell’s in the book.

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