Da Vincied

Yep, finished The Da Vinci Code last night. Pretty good read. It was very Indiana Jones with all of the hidden clues and running about in foreign countries and all. Very spiff. It is obviously popular because of that archaeological adventure quality, though, as opposed to the literary quality. I mean, the writing’s okay, but it did feel sometimes like it was written for someone at a fifth-grade level. (Not that anything’s wrong with that, mind you, I’m just saying.) Sophie Neveu reminded me for all the universe like a Doctor Who companion, repeating everything Robert Langdon said as a question. “The Templars?” “The Rose Line?” etc. etc. ad nauseum. (Maybe I’ve watched too much Doctor Who now. Or maybe having the female repeat everything back at the “hero” as a question to provide the audience with information is a device that gets old quickly. Maybe it’s a little of both, eh?) Anyway, the movie should be amusing, but I am having some trouble with the notion of Tom Hanks as Langdon. Hmm.

So, I am searching for my next book. I’ve read everything I’ve brought home except for the new Diana Gabaldon, and I am saving that for summer. I want something very silly. It should be highly irreverent, too.

? PS — Find Robert Langdon. I’m kidding. Just wondering why the hell WordPress quotes lyrics to me from “Hello, Dolly!” at the top of the page while I’m typing out stuff. Seriously, this is a big mystery. Everytime the page comes up a new line from the song shows up. Wha?

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