Reviews: “The Unit,” “24,” “V for Vendetta,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and “Doctor Who”

I am convinced that “The Unit” is meant as a right-wing propaganda prop. This makes me rather sad because I love Dennis Haysbert. In my house, Mr. Haysbert has been our one true President this past few years, having played the role so well on “24.” But this, sadly, is not “24,” kiddies. It is a world where a military unit can rush into chaotic situations and do anything it damn well pleases, and not have to suffer any true consequences afterward. It’s a world where the FBI, who is presumably on the same side as this US military unit, is kept from doing his job by misinformation and derision. This is a world of braaaaave military wives waiting for their braaaaaaaave soldiers to come home, and if one of those wives doesn’t want to do what the military tells her, she’s a bad person. Yes, it’s a strange and obnoxious world, of pointless vignettes tied together by pointless violence. I love you, Dennis, but why?

“24” keeps killing people off. Sure, I wasn’t a big Edgar fan, and I’ve watched so much of this show to know that yes, Virginia, people do tend to die on “24,” but I think they’ve gotten trigger-happy now. Killing off upteen unknown CTU workers in a nerve gas attack is a little much. And, really, Jack was having a bad enough day without Tony kicking the bucket, too. (Or DID he kick the bucket? Hmm!)

“V” wasn’t as bad as some reviewers have indicated. Its biggest problem is that the Wachowski brothers are involved. They seem to enjoy really deep, meaningless philosophical situations, and heavy-handed moral lessons. They also appear to be totally into the idea of two people being smitten with each other, but they can’t actually BE together forever because of some greater purpose they must serve. Okay, fine, that’s not a totally wretched plot point, I’ll give them that. But really, some decent stuff in the film was corrupted with random silliness, and moments that were supposed to be poignant ended up being funny, all because of the heavy-handed moral lessons and silly dialogue. I was entertained, but I have this feeling this movie could have been way better.

I don’t quite know what to say about “Battlestar Galactica” except… WTF? They sure like to dick around with us. The ending threw us all for a huge loop. I hope they know where they are going with this. And why do we have to wait until October??

The premiere of “Doctor Who” on the Sci-Fi Channel was Friday night. I enjoyed seeing the first two eps again, and even enjoyed “Rose” more than I had previously. I hope people weren’t put off by the barrage of goddamned commercials, however, because it was totally obvious the Sci-Fi Channel expected a ready-made group for this show, and were stuffing in as many commercials as possible to make best use of it. I can’t quibble too much, though, because I hope they keep this up and bring us more seasons of Who.

? So ends this review post, which is way too damn long now.

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