Back Into The Frey

Back at it, apres vacances. Lucky me. The Husband and I took the day off from work to recover from our weekend, but I still had to go to class tonight. It was a very short class, thankfully.

So, how was it? everyone (or noone) asks. It was quite amusing, really. I learned tons about Doctor Who that I probably wouldn’t have learned any other way. I was enthralled with the writers, particularly Mark Gatiss, Stephen Moffat, and Nicholas Briggs. I am also very fond of Nick Briggs because it is obvious he adores his job as Head Honcho of Dalek Noises. Hearing him speak with such enthusiasm, and hearing his funny little blooper tales, was worth the price of admission. It was fabulous to see Noel Clarke in person, and find out that, although shorter than I imagined, he is a very handsome guy, and extremely smart. Did you know he’s a writer? I sure didn’t. It was also worth a trip back to the convention on Sunday to see him playing with a remote controlled Dalek and wearing a K-9 t-shirt. I also really enjoyed listening to the Big Finish folks, particularly Gary Russell, talking about how they make their audio dramas. Sounds like they are doing well, and will continue to produce good stuff. I am pleased as punch about that because without Big Finish The Husband and I wouldn’t have anything to listen to on the way to work. (If you have ever heard the morning blather on the Phoenix-area radiowaves, you will understand what I am talking about.)

What did we do while we were there? Well, it’s primarily a place to hear panel discussions from Doctor Who insiders, and then walk into the next room to watch a video, buy a Dalek, or get an autograph. We didn’t do any autograph-seeking, as neither of us is particularly into that, but we spent plenty in the dealer’s room. (Yes, we bought a talking Dalek. And a Tom Baker scarf. And some Big Finish audios. Our wallets are very empty.)

Will we go again next year? I think we’d like to, particularly since the Gallifrey folks are saying that Colin Baker will be there next year. It would be particularly gratifying to meet a Doctor.

Do I have pictures? A few. I will get off my ass and post a few soon. They are mostly of the panel discussions we witnessed. We didn’t take many pictures of ourselves, but I think there may be one with me in the scarf standing in front of the TARDIS.

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