Obligatory Best of 2005 List

In no particular order… it’s a stream-of-consciousness type of thang. If it pops in the noggin next, it’s written next. Here goes:

1. Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who. 13 episodes was not enough.
2. David Tennant as Doctor Who. He looks like he will be goofy and a little crazy, which is how I like my Doctors. (See Tom Baker, for example. Totally freaking nuts.)
3. Wallace and Gromit at the movies!! Finally!!!
4. The New Job. Hey, it’s more pay and a lot more freedom. Hallelujah and praise the lawd.
5. “Surface.” Nimrod is the alien we all wish we’d brought home. (Except for that whole zapping people thing. And mass killing of goldfish. He’s still really cute.)
6. “Battlestar Galactica.” I saw somewhere it was named one of the best TV shows of 2005, and it really is an apt addition to any such list. The writing is fantastic, and the writers leave us in nearly impossible situations to get us to return the next Friday night. The most recent cliffhanger was a doozy! However, I would cast a vote for Apollo to grow a bigger pair this next year. Jamie Bamber is fab, but his character has this penchant for Hamletesque whinings. I hope Starbuck will continue to kick some serious Toaster butt, ’cause she bad.
7. “Invasion.” Rather timely, isn’t it? A menace emerges in the South after a devastating hurricane, and this time it ain’t FEMA. I am a tad put off by the soap opera- family story elements of this show, but they are doing less of that lately and giving us more aliens to worry about. That show where the deputy cuts off his arm after getting it back was… wrenching. I couldn’t wait to see the next show.
8. Speaking of hurricanes, the response to Hurricane Katrina was impressive. I mean, the personal response. Bush and Brownie fucked around, but people hauled out their credit cards and gave, gave, gave. I hope it all went to good use.
9. “Lost.” Especially Sayid. And Vincent the Dog. The second season is going at a fast pace, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. One complaint: Please, let Ana-Lucia get kidnapped by the Others and used in a ritualistic pagan war ceremony. Rarely have I ever seen a character so without charm or any trace of sympathetic attributes. But, conversely… Sayid. And then Sayid shows up. And then Sayid is in the next scene. In conclusion, Sayid.
10. “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Such a girly, girly book. I am disappointed in myself for loving it, but I can’t help it. I adore stories of time-tripping, and this one turned out to be quite a bit different than the others I’ve seen or read. Imagine if you just popped off to different points in your life, all throughout your life. Messy, huh? Read the book!
11. Michael Buble’. He’s a new Canadian crooner to adore. His version of “Fever” is hot, and I love his “Kissing a Fool.” Unfortunately, he talked a little too much during his PBS special, and we now know how impressed he is with himself, and how he doesn’t want to sing jazz standards anymore. Will he abandon the path for a life as a middling pop tart? We’ll see.
12. Graduating from ASU. Sweeeeet.
13. Old Doctor Who episodes on DVD. YAY! All the Tom Baker one can stand!
14. Remote-controlled Daleks. I don’t have one, but the idea is brilliant.
15. “The Woman in White.” It’s a damned fine book, even if the musical blows.
16. Refresh tea, by Tazo! Cuppa yummy peppermint goodness.
17. More “Allo Allo!” seasons on DVD. Yes, Herr Flick, another season will be released in 2006.
18. The latest Harry Potter flic. David Tennant was innit!
19. “My Name is Earl.” The X-mas episode was so damn funny… “Don’t judge me.”
20. The discovery of the Nestle’ Canadian candy, Coffee Crisp. MMMMMMM.
21. LiveJournal. I discovered how fun those interest groups can be.
22. He-Man on DVD.
23. Danger Mouse on DVD.
24. All the lovely wine I had this year. I had some really fab stuff. Notables: Kanu Fume Blanc and Da Vinci Chianti.
25. “The Historian.” What I’ve read, I’ve really enjoyed.
26. Jax restaurant in Glendale, CA. Good food, good music.
27. The nice friends we made this year. Or rather, friends that we got to know better.
28. Not having to answer the phones everyday. THANK GAWD.
29. My corduroy purse with sequins. I bought it at Hot Topic.
30. “Serenity.” It was all shiny. Except for when Wash bought it. Doh.
31. General Grievous. The movie was okayish, but the villian was fab.
32. The “Simon of Space” blognovel. It’s going to be published! I can’t wait!
33. The Darth Vader diaries, written by the same author as “Simon.”
34. “Spamalot.” Dancing knights and singing ladies-in-water. Killer rabbits. What else could you ask for?
35. Crabtree & Evelyn’s Lavendar Water. Oooo aaaaa.
36. “Mirrormask.” A good movie, and we met a lovely cat!

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