Wet Blankets Need Not Apply

So… my nifto ideas for logos and club names at work kinda went over like a lead balloon. I guess I thought they’d be good enough to pass muster, but the bosslady didn’t like them at all. I thought they were cute and, at least in one case, we need to get logos made and name the damn club to get it online in time for her purposes, so… if you don’t have a better idea, can we just go with mine?! I was excited about what I came up with. She’s such a killjoy.

Speaking of killjoys, I’m skipping on our station-wide X-mas fest. If pressed I will come up with some sort of lame excuse, which I haven’t really come up with yet.

Omg, the roommate has some sort of audio thing on a loop. It’s a bastardization of show tunes and at least one Edith Piaf thing all strung together haphazardly. It’s mostly instrumental, but there are vocal pieces here and there. I dunnae understand. Do I have to listen to several bars of “Memories” again? The hell?! I dunno where it’s from but holy god is it annoying.

There’s a final tonight, and I am officially screwed, but I have ceased caring. There’s a certain fatalist attitude that overtakes you right before the final, I have discovered. Ah well.

Office gossip: The girl who played Clifford at our event last week got a rash. Do they wash that costume, or? Ew.

“The Christmas Invasion,” the X-mas Doctor Who episode that is premiering on the 25th, apparently includes an anti-war message that is aimed quite nicely at the Americans. A link on Gallifrey today from an American blog indicated the author there wasn’t happy to hear that the BBC was letting this sort of thing go by. Not everybody over there agrees with our policies, what a concept! The British aren’t here just to help push our wagon, people, so get over it. Bully for them if they want to have a stick at the Shrub’s policies. I will only like the series all that much more. I am of the opinion, at work especially, that it is a mistake to try and sanitize everything on TV from opinions. I think it’s totally wrong to advertise your news program as “balanced and fair” if you lean way far to the side, but really, I have the option of turning off the damn TV or changing the channel if I find your “balance” off-putting. Why shouldn’t the writer of this Doctor Who episode express an opinion?

Nobody listens to me anyway, and my logos suck, but this is still my blog. There are many like it but this one is mine.

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