Tea and Yoga and Onions, Oh My

Tea review! I am a Republic of Tea fan. Not only do they make excellent tea, but they send out a catalog with free tea samples quite frequently. I haven’t actually purchased anything via catalog from them before, but I have bought enough tea tins and bottled teas in stores to keep the company floating for awhile. I first tried my sample of Wild Blueberry Fair Trade Certified black tea. It really does have a nice blueberry taste, and manages it without being bitter or cloying. I would definitely buy this stuff. I then tried the Comfort and Joy tea, which tasted to me very much like Bigelow’s Constant Comment. There are nice spices in this, and a strong flavor of… well, the site says apple. I woulda sworn it was something else, but, whatever, it tastes swell. There is a strong cinnamon flavor to the tea which is quite pleasant with the fruity taste of the tea. I would not want to overbrew this stuff; I think it would turn gross if you left the teabag in too long. Some teas you can get away with that, but not this one. (I think I tend to leave my teabags in a little long because I like darker teas. Dunno.) I would buy this stuff, but the website says it’s sold out? Huh. I will have to check locally. This is also a black tea. I wish they would include more herbal/caffeine-free teas with their catalogs because I am attempting to stay away from caffeine, but I can hardly complain with their lovely samples. If you are a tea nut, sign up for the Republic of Tea catalog and enjoy. Then, in the meantime, head out to your local stores and nab a bottle of their iced teas. Blackberry Sage, Capetown Red, and Mango Ceylon are the tastiest.

(They are really advertising their “Memoirs of a Geisha” tea hardcore. Spring cherry green tea does sound tempting, but I am turned off by the fact there are lots of “Geisha” products out at the moment. It seems like a very strange film to be tying products to, but, okay. No, I haven’t read the book.)

How about some yoga with your tea? Sounds healthy, doesn’t it? Let me recommend “Office Yoga” for those who sit at desks for hours on end. I have started doing some of the stretches in this book, and a few others I nabbed off the internet, and I have to say that I think it’s really helping. I’m not really stressed at the moment with my work, but it does help cure those neck, back, and shoulder cramps I occasionally get from slumping over my work. I haven’t tried some of the more complicated stretches, but some of the very simple ones you can do sitting down feel very nice. I haven’t dabbled in yoga before, so I’m not an expert on how good these stretches are, but I know they have helped me out.

And now, from the Onion: the CIA has been using black highlighter markers all these years. Explains quite a bit, doesn’t it?

Wish me luck on my final. Notice how I’m blogging and not studying.

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