Steelers lost to the Colts. It wasn’t surprising, but it hurts all the same. I had some hope they’d make it a competitive game because Ben was back, but…

Meanwhile, Stanley and Vincent are racing around the living, acting batshit crazy and not giving a fig about football. They are acting out a rather violent roller derby around the couch in the living room, attacking each other, then running away. Fred the First doesn’t appear interested in playing this little game, probably because he enjoys hunting on his own terms. If he doesn’t start the chase, to hell with it. I can respect that.

This research design paper for class is ‘tupid. I can’t seem to focus for two minutes straight on the damn thing because A) I legitimately don’t give a shit, B) it’s the holiday season and I’d rather be shopping, and C) there are two black cats chasing each other around the room and distracting me.

BTW, a memo to the Monday Night Football people: ENOUGH of the goddamned Manning worship! Good lord, we ALL KNOW the Colts are undefeated, you don’t need to tell us they are undefeated every damn time you say the Colts. It’s like they are from Undefeated, IN instead of Indianapolis. Just. Shut. The hell. Up.

A second memo to MNF: Ditch the lady commentators on the sideline. Useless. They don’t add anything, and they annoy me. Pink slips all around.

Third memo to MNF: Thank you for being in Hi Def. Losing never looked so good.

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