Rome If You Want To

This is why I don’t like the fall semester: As soon as Turkey Day hits, all thoughts of doing useful school-related work go out the window. Bye bye, good quiz grade! Flyyyyy! Fly to freedom, ride the wiiiiind! I’m a leaf on the wind! (Oh ugh, poor Wash…)

“Rome” ended on Sunday, and they did some fancy fiddlin’ with history. Caesar died, yes, that’s no surprise. What is a surprise is that it happened on the floor of the Senate (he was stabbed in an amphitheater) and that it’s all Lucius Vorenus’ fault. Yep. If he had been there to protect Caesar, instead of running home and acting stupid and causing his wife to kill herself, Caesar would have lived. Or not. Oh, and Cleopatra wasn’t in Rome. Dunno. It was quite disappointing, so I’m not too keen to play any “what if” games. They took a good concept, some interesting moments, some particularly good actors, and a shitload of money from HBO and wasted it all. Pfft.

I am still not in the rhythm of this new job yet. I have shoved a whole lot of stuff at my boss for her approval and… it’s all sitting there on her desk. It looks untouched. My little programs are not of high priority right now, so I will have to twiddle. And twiddle some more. See, I don’t really have the authority to just… do… certain things, and I don’t even know how to do certain other things, like, actually purchase stuff, so I need her help.


Whovians: Did you see that brief Who scene with David Tennant from the BBC telethon? If you haven’t, check it out. I think there’s a link on the Beeb’s official Who site. If not there, try, which I believe I have a link to on the side there. (Do a little legwork, I’m too lazy to find the link. What? It’s my blog, I’ll link if I want to.) It was quite amusing, and bridges the time between the last episode of Season 1 (2005) and Season 2. They are off to X-mas Eve on Earth, and… well, let’s hope they make it safely. The Doctor’s not quite himself today.

Speaking of Tennant, he was a bad guy in the latest Harry Potter movie! Whee! He played a demented fellow, which… isn’t a huge stretch from Doctor Who, is it? (Let’s face it, the Doctor goes a little crazy every so often.) This character is a bit more, um, homicidal, however. (Acutally, when we first see Barty Crouch Jr. he is wearing a longish leather coat and dark clothes, so… he looks like he does in this Doctor Who scene.) (It’s okay if you don’t find that tidbit interesting. I’m sure I’m the only one.)

Oh, HPATGOF is a very good movie, and we were happy to see it on opening day. The lines were breathtaking but we made it, thanks to an impromptu concession stand gourmet dinner of hot dogs, Reese’s Pieces, and popcorn.

The Husband is ensconced in the pyramid at Luxor until tomorrow. He and his brother are having fun, per their reports. I think the cats believe I’ve either A) snuffed him or B) hidden him somewhere, because they haven’t been too friendly towards me since he left on Sunday. If we didn’t know who the real cat person was around here, we sure know now. As for him being in Vegas right now, I think he can bite me, ’cause I wanna be in Vegas, too. (Just kidding. I don’t mind him having a nice holiday on his own. Really, I don’t. Okay, I do. Rawrrr.)

P’raps we can get The Husband to write up a little guest post about his adventures, eh?

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