Another Cell Phone Post

… and another picture of an empty wine bottle! It’s a pretty decent Chianti, y’all, and it’s only $6.99 at Trader Joe’s. It’s smoother than most Chiantis, and won’t take all of the enamel off your teeth. (Please keep in mind that I think at least SOME enamel is detached with each glass of Chianti, no matter what brand you buy.)

We had a long weekend here and it was pretty nice. We crashed another couple of weddings on Saturday to see the whole setup at the resort. It was… very… dark. After the sun sets the courtyard, although lit, is exceptionally dark, a point that set my mother off wringing her wrists at unpredictable intervals. (She’s going nuts about wedding stuff. I mean, batshit crazy nuts. Off her rocker.) The airplane noise was a little better at night, but there were still some America West planes swooshing closely overhead. That’s what you get in downtown Tempe. I work two blocks north of the hotel, and even more directly under the flightpath of every damn plane going into Sky Harbor. But, the decision has been made, so we’ll all have to make the best of it. If we all survive.

In other news, it appears The Guest was adopted this weekend. Yay! We knew he would. I’m sure he found some softie immediately.

In still other news, I have been procrastinating my ass off and ignoring schoolwork. We all know this means I will spend the end of this month with my nose closed in books attempting to catch up. Between football games.

I finished another Doctor Who novel, “The Monsters Inside.” It was quite good, and another very easy read. It’s Doctor Who, not Tolstoy. I don’t want an epic, I just wanna have some fun.

Oh, and speaking of football: Holy crap, why are all of the Steelers injured all at once?? Ugh. “Terrible” Tommy will play QB next week, and he looks about as thrilled about quarterbacking as “Scooter” Libby looks about watching “The Agency.” He looks so scared, and so convinced that he’s going to fuck it all up. He’s spooked. I can’t really blame him, though, because we were all screaming at the TV last night for him to not pass evereverever. Poor chap.

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