PA Connection in Tempe

We went to the PA Connection in downtown Tempe for dinner. It was… okay. The sub sandwiches were a little blah, but it looked like the Pittsburgh-deli-style sandwiches were good. (They stuffed a whole handful of french fries in the sandwich.) Speaking of fries, they were pretty good. However, the place was almost completely empty, so I’m thinking this little slice of PA heaven will soon go bye-bye.

They had Iron City beer! It was terrible! But it was Pittsburgh beer anyway! If you want a good beer from Pennsylvania, stick with Rolling Rock, folks.

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  1. Nick Says:

    A must go. We’ve been in Arizona from 3 years and this is the only place IN THE VALLEY to price Italian subs and Cheesesteaks like back east. The rolls were authentic, the ingredients great. If you have a family: go now. The sodas are about $1. Sick of spending $2.50 on a soda for your kids? I know I am. We’ve got 5 kids, and I ‘m pretty sick of paying $14 just for drinks.

    This is now the 3rd sit-down restaurant in the valley we can afford (the others are Cupid’s and Shangri La de old Cathay in Chandler). When we went (a Wednesday afternoon) there were the number of people I would expect there. I envision this place must be swamped on the weekends. It should be. Starving students and big families need more places like this.

  2. Just a Note Says:

    The PA Connection does have very low prices…probably due to the fact employees are paid next to nothing for all their hard work and the owner feels if you do not like to work at his establishment and you quit that it is his right to stop payment on your paycheck so that in essence you worked at this little restaurant for nearly nothing.

    I loved the concept. I loved the food. But the lies and the shady business dealings were not to my taste.

    Boo to the PA Connection I say.

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