The Guest

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So… we were coming out of the movie theater last night, having just seen “Mirrormask” (which was very good, especially the visual effects) and we hear a meow. We look down, and there’s this adorable orange-and-white cat. He really wanted affection, and rubbed against our legs and allowed us to pet him. So after socializing with the cat, we wandered off to our car. And… he followed us. And he parked himself down in the parking lot in such a way that made us worry he might want to just sit there and get hit by a car, so… yes. We brought him home.

We aren’t allowed to keep him, which is too bad because he has been the perfect houseguest. He’s litterbox trained and purrs like a motorboat. Despite all attempts to the contrary, we are attached to him. We refer to him as The Guest because giving him a name (not that I haven’t already given him one in my head, in honor of Neil Gaiman’s movie) would make us want to keep him even more.

So here he is, The Guest. Cute, ain’t he?

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