It’s A Tough Job, But…

I stopped by to read newstuff and avoid work, and my eye fell on this headline: “Aniston injured during sex scenes.”

My thoughts:

1. Bruises are serious injuries in Hollywood.
2.Bruises are newsworthy events in Hollywood.
3. She was injured from tumbling around on a bed with Clive Owen.
4. Clive. Owen.
5. The salacious title made me read the article.
7. I actually felt sorry for her after her Pitt breakup.
8. Whatever warmfuzzies/pityfuzzies I felt for her have evaporated like so much spilled Evian in Scottsdale.
9. Well, if SHE doesn’t want the job… I… can’t write what I’m thinking here.
10. I can’t write what I’m thinking here, either. I think The Husband might object.

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