Success and… The Other Kind

Steelers lost. I will pay a lot of money for a Tom Brady voodoo doll.

On the bright side, I did get my herb plants. I have basil, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender all planted outside in little terra cotta pots. I was impressed that Lowe’s had such a nice selection of herbs, but where are the chives? What’s a girl got to do to get chives?? All of the plants I bought appear to be in nice condition, and they are all fragrant. Even the lavender, sans fleures, has a whiff of scent that’s lovely. The basil and rosemary have authority, but the peppermint smells… like a fragrant green plant. Hmm. They had marjorum, but what does one do with the stuff? Sage might be nice to have, but I don’t use enough of it to make it worthwhile. At least with basil I can whip up some bruschetta. Peppermint shall make tea, and rosemary will go well on chicken dishes. I’ve read you can make lavender tea, but I’m slightly sceptical. Mostly I just want to get pretty smelly leaves off it, dry them, and make girly sachets. I think.

Massively sore throat. Three screwdrivers haven’t touched it, but have just given me a stomachache. Swell. I will probably spend much of the evening asleep, trying to beat back the coldmonster.

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