Fear the Bitchzilla. Rawrrrrrr.

*stomp on model city*

*gnaw on victims*


Class was alright last night, except this one lady/girl/woman/lass/whatever who sits beside me is almost continually clueless. We did a bunch of in-class exercises last night, which is not my favorite thing in the world, that we are supposed to work on ourselves then discuss with others at our table quad. It was a bunch of supply and demand curves, mostly. Clueless Colleen (or whatever the hell her name is) would always turn to me and ask me how I solved this question, so I would show her, because I am nice like that. So upon seeing how I solved it, she would proceed to argue with me over it. And mostly, she was wrong, and I was right, which proves the time-space continuum must be fucked, because this is economics and I am a dimwit. She wasn’t so much arguing why she worked the problem that way, but seriously arguing, as if an argument would magically transform her fucked-up supply curve into the right answer through sheer bitchpower. And the one time she was right… oh boy. When the prof asked us to raise our hands to answer this question (that we had all been discussing at various levels of cluelessness and confusion) she bolted her hand upright to answer. When the prof confirmed that she was right… I swear I thought she’d throw back her head and howl to the moon. I don’t know if the other two in our quad find her as annoying as I do. Rawr.

Watched the third episode of “Rome” last night. Wow, talk about BitchPower(tm), Atia’s got it to spare. She is my hero. She has more balls than Tony Soprano, because she doesn’t seem to suffer any moral qualms for what she does, nor does she find it difficult to baldly lie about the evil things she does. I loved that whole bit where she’s trying to assign who in the house will kill whom when the raving, violent mob breaks down the door.

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