Exercise in Futility

Yesterday I mailed in an application for a job opening here at my workplace, and I have no expectation that I will even get an interview. I doubt, even, that I will make the first cut of applications. If by some miracle I do, I will not make it to the interview. If by some miracle I should be granted an interview, I will not be offered the job. I don’t fit some of the qualifications they asked for in the job posting, and I’m quite certain that recent events here in the office will give them pause (unjustly) about having me in this position. Forces that opposed my application to the position I was turned down for last month will surely mount a formidable opposition to my application again. The pay rate for this position is only a smidge better than what I make now, and what they expect for it is incredible. There is no reason I should have applied for this job.

But I have to try. I think Sisyphus would understand.

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