Yay, Monday night pre-season game at Pittsburgh… that they are currently winning! Squee!

If they lose that two touchdown lead now? I will not be a happy camper.

Hines Ward reported to camp today! Hines! We love you!!!

I have decided that the dippy female interviewer has to go. In the middle of the damn game she’s chatting up some player, forcing the action off to the side in a smaller frame. And it happens multiple times each quarter!! Repeat after me: WHO CARES?! For Christ’s sake and all the damn Apostles too, get back to the game! You know, THE GAME? We’re not talking about deep penetrating interviews either, it’s all about, hey, how do you think you’re playing? What do you think about Terrell Owens? Boxers or Briefs? SHUT. THE HELL. UP.

Right, sorry, just had to get that off my chest. I take my football seriously, especially when the Steelers are involved.

Anyhoo. Steelers seemed to play well, so there is room for sincere optimism. Most of their points came off defensive plays and special teams, which I just love to watch. Sure, we all love our quarterbacks and their big plays, but there is something delicious about a 100-yard kickoff run for a touchdown.

Speaking of quarterbacks, we saw Big Ben in a Nike ad! Woo!

New most-hated football-related beer ad: The plastic Coors Light bottles and the chesty blonde who informs the gawking males that yes, “they” are plastic and “they” are fabulous. Wretch, puke, barf.

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