And Now for Something Completely Different

Just kidding. It’s just updates from my life again. So sorry.

So! I was accepted into graduate school, so life is Skittles and beer again. Or close to it. I have also been awarded some financial aid, so I will be able to buy books and shoes for school. Happy things, happy things, la dee da!

Pledge is upon us in full force, complete with funny stories and awful glitches galore. This is why we like pledge, y’know? If we didn’t have pledge drives, what the hell would we talk about for the rest of the year? We need volunteer antics, bad donated food, computer meltdowns, and personality conflicts to pepper up the bland diet of our normal office-day lives. So far the glitches have been kept to a minimum, but we did find out from a caller on Saturday that an 800 number in our m0nthly guide is actually NOT for “adult educational material” as listed, but a porn line. Scandalous! I was at the station that afternoon and everyone was like, “Did you HEAR about the PORN LINE???,” just so excited about it. I think everybody picked up the phone and called the number when they found out. Ah, pledge, how I have missed thee. Oh, there’s also a hub-bub about a group of women that came to volunteer one night who couldn’t speak English very well. Apparently we can’t read their writing on the pledge cards because there are mispellings everywhere. The volunteer coordinator’s having to answer for that one, which isn’t totally fair, because apparently the leader of this group speaks perfect English. Hmm.

(At least these were fairly minor incidents. There may be something rather serious about to hit, unrelated to the adult party line et al. It’s not looking too good. Oops.)

Doctor Who!! We finished watching the new series last night, and I am HOOKED. Christopher Eccleston is out now (BAWL) but the new guy looks okay. Check out the BBC’s Who site for pictures and stuff. The new series begins on Christmas in the UK, and I expect by New Year’s it will have flown across torrents to the US. (Not that I advocate such things. Noooo, certainly not. Damn kids these days and their newfangled digital raskafrackin pishposh…)

News items, and filler fluff: Hines Ward is still not in Steelers training camp. Hines (honey, baby, sweetie, lovemuffin!!,) please come home. Please. PLEASE GOD REPORT TO TRAINING CAMP WE ALL LOVE AND WORSHIP YOU. Duce Staley is hurt but they are hopeful he will be back in time for the opening game in September. I think this means our beloved Bus will be the starting RB for opening day. Yay!

I love monsoon rains. The skies are lovely and clouded and just… cool. Love it. There is this feeling of anticipation in the evening, while you watch the darkened storm clouds roll in, that we are in for some rain and lightning, and it’s great. It’s so nice to see constant rain in the forecast instead of heat, heat, heat, and more heat.

Cafe Boa in Tempe is a lovely little spot for dinner. We went last Friday to eat and hear some jazz. The crowd was younger than I had anticipated, and rather wealthy. It’s one of those Beautiful People places, without being wretchedly so. (If that makes any sense at all.) I had Luca’s Meatballs, which were fab, and some nice white wine, the name of which I never did catch. Oops. It must have been a chardonnay. It was pretty dry, too, whatever the hell it was. We had an appetizer of four cheeses with walnuts and grapes, and I am now more convinced than ever that blue cheese is a divine substance. Mmm.

The Historian is quite intriguing so far. I guess I didn’t realize it was about Dracula. Huh. I mean, it’s not totally about Dracula, but… it is. Well, whatever, it’s a good read, and it’s not nearly as girly as the other books I’ve picked up lately.


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