Stayed up too late last night. I am zombified.

News from work. My boss let it slip that those who received my application for the position at the station were “delighted” to receive it. So, on the one hand, I’m pleased that they were “delighted.” I am, however, not happy that they called my supervisor. They apparently called her to let her know that I had applied, and to make sure she knew about it. What difference does it make if she knows or not? I could have gotten into a helluva lot of trouble, and for what purpose? It’s not her business. This is the second time information about my application has leaked, and I am not happy about it. There will be hell to pay if the mean supervisor finds out and she causes trouble for me.


Did I mention that I love the new Doctor Who? Well, I do. Go to the BBC’s website and have a look. He’s fab.

Okay, have to work now.

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