July is nearly halfway through, and I have yet to meet any of my personal goals for the month. Generally speaking, I hate goals, because I usually don’t meet them, but I will make an exception for this month because I actually have time in the evenings. Starting next month I will be back in school, and won’t have the luxury of time, so I might as well get a few things finished now.

First thing, I want to groom and re-write two short stories for submission to magazines. I wrote them a few years back during a creative writing class, and I think they turned out to be pretty good. I don’t know if they are publishable, and I expect I won’t know unless I try. The roadblock: The stories are not on my harddrive. They are out in the ether somewhere, probably either just on paper, or on a diskette. I will have to start the search tonight.

Second thing, I have a new short story that I am working on, and I would like to get it ready for submission too. The premise intrigues me, and I am hoping to add a little old fashioned political commentary in there, too, so I have some high hopes for this one. I just have to sit my ass down and write, which is always the trouble.

Third, I want to finish a few more books. I haven’t finished nearly as many of them as I wanted to this summer, and I still have a shitload sitting around.

Fourth, I want to work on my Spanish. I can’t speak it, but I do understand some words and can read very basic sentences. I don’t know if I will progress much this month, but I would like to try.

Fifth, I have to finish my application process to grad school. I’ve done my part, but I need to poke at my professors to get them to cough up my letters of recommendation. I can’t believe how damned long this process has taken! Mind you, I did stop my application to ASU when I thought I would get into Ohio, but still… I am beginning to wonder if I will be enrolled by fall, as it is already nearly mid-July and the letters aren’t in yet. It doesn’t matter a whole lot, since I am already signed up to take two classes that will count for the degree in the fall, but there’s something about not knowing for sure if I will be accepted that doesn’t sit well with me. There are a lot of things riding on my acceptance, like financial aid monies, that are important. I don’t know what to do at this point except to check and see if the letters have been mailed.

Off to work.

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