The AC has been fixed, praise the heavens. The poor repairmen was here until after 10:30 on Friday night getting it all fixed, which is a pretty shitty work schedule, but at that point I was so completely miffed that he hadn’t shown up sooner that I didn’t feel much pity. He wrecked my dinner date with The Husband. Hmph.

The watermelon rind pickles are done. They were a real pain in the ass, but they apparently came out okay. Nobody should let me cut up watermelons anymore, though, because I have several really nasty slashes on my left hand now. I can’t be trusted with sharp objects.

We have survived our dinner party too, which went off without a hitch. The food turned out to be good, and the wine selections I made worked out. The Groth Sauvignon Blanc was a big hit. Everyone got along and we had a nice time. I don’t ever want to do it again.

I’m kidding. I’d love to see these people again, I just hate having to entertain. It’s nerve-wracking, and I am never sure enough of my own culinary skills.

War of the Worlds: It was rather intense. I liked that part. I also thought Tom Cruise wasn’t bad in his role. I still think he’s looney tunes, but he did well in his role. I would have liked a bigger helping of explanation, however, for some of the stuff the aliens did. Why did they vaporize some humans but keep others in an egg basket? And what was with those weird vines? I don’t get it.

Happy Birthday to The Husband. We will all be going out later, when he picks a restaurant.

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