First, I would like to express my sadness for the bombings that occurred in London today. This is a terrible tragedy. I can’t help but think it happened because the British are assisting the US in Iraq. If that is really the case, and I’m nearly certain it is, then I am doubly sorry. Being a friend and an ally shouldn’t be so hard, and if we were a better friend and ally, it wouldn’t be.

On other fronts, I noted on the way home that 4 out of 5 Wal-Mart shoppers do not look first before they cross the parking lot to the store. I think this statistic speaks volumes, and confirms for me everything I have always thought about Wal-Mart.

The air conditioning in our house is out. One of the two units has stopped working. I am home early from work today to supervise a repairman, should one become available to assist us this afternoon. We are “on standby,” I’m told, and I don’t know what that means, except that when a repairman becomes available, he will stop by. Meanwhile it’s getting pretty beastly in here. I am mostly worried for the dog and four cats, because the weather is expected to hit 113 as a high today.

At work today, a co-worker shocked the hell out of me. I was in her office asking a question, and when I was about to leave, she asked, “When’s your interview?”

“What interview?” I asked, stupidly.

“Your interview!”

“I don’t have an interview.”

“For the position down at the station?”

I about died right there of a heart attack. I have been trying to keep my application very quiet around the office for fear of a certain manager finding out. I think if she knew, she’d wig out, and make life for my boss and I a living hell. I don’t really want that. I figured that perhaps someone might find out, possibly, but I was hoping nobody would. This particular co-worker, however, is exceptionally tuned-in to the events down at the station, and I should have known she would find out. I’m a little surprised that the people who will be going over the applications for this position would be so gauche as to discuss possible applicants with others, but I guess I might be an exception, since I am an employee. Perhaps they (or rather one she in particular, becuase I’m almost sure she was the one who blabbed) was seeking some sort of recommendation. This co-worker went on to say that she was very excited for me and wished me good luck, so I suppose she was complimentary towards me. She also hinted that I will be granted an interview. If nothing else, this little discussion was reassurance for me that the application had been received, and received well.

Must hug a fan and wait for the repairman. Anyone know any good voodoo spells to bring AC repairmen faster?

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