Update: Art, Pizza, Changing Rooms, Work, Etc.

Yeah. Totally need one. Here goes.

If you are in Phoenix, go see the new exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. “American Surrealism” is purdy darned good. Strange paintings featuring geometric shapes and nude women are your thing? You’re in luck, the exhibit’s full of them.

If you are in Phoenix, go eat at Pizzeria Bianco. Fab. While you wait for a seat, (because you will have to wait and it will be a long wait,) go to the bar next door. The owners of the pizza joint have converted a craftsman-style house into a little bar and lounge. Also fab. Try the Pinot Gris from Chelham while you’re there. It’s a lovely, fruity, dry wine. Mmm. The wine was almost as good as the pizza. Almost. Be sure to get their cheese plate to go with your wine.

I went on a girly shopping trip with La Mere on Friday, since I had the day off. We found some nice stuff for nice prices and had a good time. Have I ever explained how much I hate shopping for clothes? Okay, I’ll amend that: I hate shopping for clothes for ME. I can stomach shopping for other people because if we are shopping for someone else it’s not me trying to shove my ass into those pants. The whole process is horrible beyond words. You go into a store, find all kinds of clothing that’s cute and trendy and adorable and (sometimes) affordable, only to try it on in a changing room that’s not big enough to hold my collection of four purses just to find out that this store LIES on sizes. Everything you picked out and love is too damn small for your ass, and no, they don’t have a bigger size in stock. Meanwhile, the woman in the changing “room” next to you just tried on that same shirt and it looks fab on her. Fuuuuuck. I’m all for retail therapy, but I don’t want my therapy with a dose of disappointment and humiliation.

Yesterday my supervisor’s supervisor dumped a new job responsibility on my lap. I have a feeling my boss will not be pleased, especially because I do not answer to her for this job. She actually doesn’t even KNOW about it yet as she is out of town. Hee. I am a little flattered they would pick me, but I am also irritated that I am inheriting this extra job without any compensation. Boo. It’s nothing so big that it will bring me great fame and renown, but it’s like… my own little program now. Scary.

Off to Pasadena tonight. We are going to Sister’s graduation from Cal Tech. See y’all later.

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